EEraids 29

I was a bit late for my raids this week. Me and darth went shopping and we weren’t home til after 7.30, and then I had to let the degus out, so logged on at 9. I put the lfm up and apologized in channel for being late. Not that I know if anyone even read it. I got a few joiners quite fast, and Nurmaso started running the puzzles right after joining. I stayed on my ship for a bit while doing my daily duolingo on my phone. I stepped into the raid when I was done and caught up to the group as they were about to fight the bone guardian. We got/ did jumps and red light/ green light room. Some people were having some issues in the jumps and caught up with us later, while red light/ green light went really well, even though it takes longer.

EEraids 29

Getting to the end fight, I felt like at least some were not listening or willing to do any of the tasks required, and then when part of the party went to shadow side, the death lord team started dying. We were running short man, so I could not afford to have more ppl on dragon side, but told the ppl on shadow side to kill things on dragon side before heading back. When it came to finding the real phylactery, that part did not take that long, I think they did 3x shadow portal and then we found the real one. Pulling the lever failed on the first try, but the raid finished in 78 min 37 s.

On to fire on thunder peak. I had a full party when we stepped in, but then one guy decided to leave. I didn’t feel like waiting for more as everyone else was in, so I locked it. As no one volunteered to take a dragon, I said I would take one and suggested Plienas take the other. I rolled a d2 to decide who takes which dragon and I got the female. Apparently Plienas then let Nurmaso have the male after he stole aggro, while I stayed on my dragon. I lost aggro a couple of times, but took it back once the dragon was led back to her side. I died once from a stupid mistake, but managed quite well during the +400% to damage phase. EE Fotp took 22 min 48 s.

Then my plan was to attempt EE MoD. I switched to Thaz and posted… but then the problem was the lack of interest and ppl not wanting to wait. We were 7 at the most in the group and I wanted more to even attempt. After a long wait I suggested we do something else (we were only 3 left at that point; me, Weii and Nurmaso) and Weii suggested ADQ, so I posted for that instead. I got a full 6 man group before we were done with the pre, and then the raid took 3 min 🙂

Thaz in EE ADQ1

I decided to post for EE doj again, and once I got tired of waiting (and we were 11 in the group) I decided to give it a go. The run was a fiasco, though. I may have split the teams wrong, and too many in the group were not EE ready. Ppl were dying way too much, ppl were not dps’ing where they were supposed to and archons kept dying. We failed because of too many reinforcements up, already in the third wave if I recall. I was very frustrated, but was willing to try again. Most left though, and since it was already almost 3 in the morning, I decided to call it.

That’s all for this week. Ty for stopping by.


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