EEraids 28

Last week I was away on a cruise so EEraids were cancelled. This week I was back and I posted a bit before 8pm my time (2pm EST). I was prepared for a long wait, it has been taking a long while to fill these of late, so I was going to plan Firetha’s TR build while I wait… but I ended up talking with the first joiners instead. When we were 8, ppl started making their way to the raid and after an initial reset because of lag we were off. We got/ did archives and tower, and except for one late joiner getting lost and dying (and then releasing and leaving party), we didn’t have any issues to get to the end. In the end fight I had 3 ppl on death lords, I was on dragon as normally of late and I told Nurmaso to lead shadow side. It felt like the shadow side took a long time, but we finished in 60 min, which is still quite good for EE.

A dead dracolich in EEraids 28

Then off to fotp. A couple of ppl left and I got a couple of replacements and then we were off. We had a good amount of ranged dps, so I actually could have melees focus on trash and ranged on dragons this time. We had some deaths and a bit of lag, but still finished in 24 min.

My plan was to attempt EE Defiler of the Just after Thunderholme raids, so I switched to Thazara and posted. Most from my previous group joined. Our first few tries were very bad, we lagged so badly at the first gate that it was unplayable. Then one of the warlocks decided to drop group (I think I need the limit my group to max 2 warlocks) and lag got way reduced. Though, when we finally had a good instance with little lag, we still lagged at the gate and almost wiped. 2 people were left standing and got the rest of us up.

Doing the executioners and reinforcements didn’t really feel much harder than on eH. We did it quite systematically and until the last wave of archons we were doing pretty good. The last wave caused us some problems and the last reinforcements spawned at the same time. We lost two archons in the last wave and a lot of ppl died, but we got through it and gathered at the open gate to the end fight. I told the party to stop attacking the snake when the boss goes active, but only some did. It would probably have been better to just focus on the snake anyway and take it out first, and then focus on the boss. Anyway, we did not have enough dps to take the snake and the boss out fast enough, so when the boss started throwing bombardment we wiped.

Party wipe in my first attempt of EE Defiler of the Just

One EE try was enough, so after this I switched to eH and we did two runs.

That’s all folks for this week’s EEraids. Thank you for stopping by.


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