RIP Demon

This weekend I learned that my and Darth’s ddo friend Demonnibler/ Demonglober had passed away about a week ago. Demon was 23 years old, had a good well-paying job, was in a long time relationship with his girlfriend and had recently purchased a house in the Carrebean. Me and Demon were not that close, but he belonged to the same social group, and he and Darth were friends. Me and Darth were planning to go visit Demon in the Carrebean some time, maybe next summer. Demon’s real name was Kyle and he was from Canada.

Rest in peace Demon, and my condolences to your family and friends.

Our EE FOT group, my first EE FOT completion, FOT U19. Date: September 13, 2013



8 comments on “RIP Demon

  1. This game makes odd friendships. I never met Demon in real life or even knew his name was Kyle although we had plans to meet when he next came to Australia. I will miss him anyway

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