EEraids 27

This Saturday was the first time I actually considered not doing the EE raids for lack of interest. I posted at 8 as normally, and then went afk a bit to get some food. I got back and still no joiners.. so I decided to log on Mill’s account to flag him for doj, only to realise he doesn’t own the pack so I can’t do that. Instead I logged him off and hopped into The Devil’s Details eH. I was almost at the end when I suddenly got a bunch of joiners. It would seem that the ppl from OR had finished what ever it was that they were doing when I posted, and were up for an EE Deathwyrm. Weii, Arriene and Khyleeh joined for the completion of the quest I was running, but we did not get any named item in the chest. After this it didn’t take too long before I had a full group, but I had a few joiners who did not know the raid too well at all.

My rules are as always; 1. help with the puzzles if you know them, but don’t turn on the beam until you’re done and call beam when you do. 2. kill trash at each level before stepping through the portals to reduce lag and 3. run away from your stone if you die. I also told the newish ppl to try not to get lost, and to kill stuff. And to say asap if they do get lost and someone will come get them. What I can’t stand is if someone can’t do the jump or otherwise gets lost and decides to spend the rest of the raid trying to get to us. EE is not where we practice the raid, EE is where we run it efficiently and want everyone to keep up.

EEraids 27 – the group

I could tell that we had some green ppl this run, or ppl who didn’t know the raid that well and didn’t seem to be listening well either. We got maze and tower as the two selections, or picked them as thee best options. Ppl managed to get through the maze fine, but in the tower we had a bit of issues. First ppl kept blowing themselves up instead of jumping down to the phylactery.. and then we noticed that the phylactery was healing. Someone’s Shiradi/ Colors of the queen must have been proccing repair.

In the end fight, again, not everyone who was meant to go to shadow side went, so I told a couple of ppl who were assigned on death lords to go to shadow side instead and help out. I told Khyleeh to lead shadow side, as I know she’s better at it than any random person I could have picked (I myself was tanking/ keeping the dragon). It seemed like the shadow side struggled a bit to get organized, but we didn’t need more than a couple of shadow spawns before we found the real phylactery.  This time the dragon killed me as we were working on getting her down, so I got my one death, lol. Pretty good run anyway.

I only lost one person from the Deathwyrm group for Fotp. Weii and Khyleeh took the dragons. Some of the ppl in the group were new, so I tried to give out some more instructions than normally. Fotp, unlike Deathwyrm isn’t really that much to talk about. We kill trash, dps dragons, kill purple named earth ellies, dps dragons, dps the artifact, kill the dragons then kill the trash. Even with a weak group we’re usually done in ~30 min. This week it took 24.

Cerge meleing in EE Fotp 27

After we killed the dragons, we finish up by killing off the trash

After Fotp I asked if anyone wanted any other raids, but almost everyone said thanks and goodbye, so I posted for a normal doj. It took a good while to fill. But eventually it did. The first run was fine, the group was a bit weak and we were short manning so we lost was it one or two archons, but we finished so I wasn’t that bad. But on the second or was it third run we did, we started lagging. I could not make up my mind about if we were too laggy or not as it was coming and going. For a moment we could almost not move and then we could move again. This continued all-through the raid. We struggled onwards and managed to get to the end fight and kill the snake… but when it was time to fight the boss we started lagging again and she moved. Time ran out and she started bombing the place and ppl died. I died a few times, trying my best to get ppl up and to try and kill the boss. “Ignore the commanders and just kill the boss” – I said. But this was too hard for most of us.. except Genlisea who ended up being the last one standing. After several of us had failed to stay alive he decided to just focus on staying alive and ranging the boss, which he did very well. It was exciting and a bit scary to watch, but eventually the boss went down and we got our loot. \o/ I figured it was a good place to quit for the night.

Genlisea showing off his skills. Alizabethie was locked out and not in the end fight with us.

Those were the raids for this time.
Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.


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