EEraids 26

And then we’re here again, Saturday raids. I posted for deathwyrm at 7.55 pm my time… and waited. Then I deciced to attempt to solo The Archons’ Trial EE… but while I was part way through the second trial, I had 6 ppl in the group, so decided to recall and convert to raid. Someone must have stepped in, cause the timer on the lfm had started ticking and ppl who were joining would go straight to the raid – while I was still arounning around Eberron. Stitchz said he’d been drinking, so I was a bit worried that he’d be a bit out of control, but shook that feeling off – telling myself “no matter what happens, we’ll deal”. The way towards the end was quite smooth, and I stayed calm. We didn’t lag much and we didn’t really have too many deaths – and ppl were helping with the mirrors.

EEraids 26 – Deathwyrm

We get to the end room and someone steps in a bit too soon, I would have wanted to wait a min for a potential 12th, but the raid was locked. We had had a 12th, but they dc’d during the jumps and I decided to kick him/ her as we were doing the last bit before the end, in hopes to get a replacement. But no worries. Also, as I was handing out tasks, and had not buffed yet (I can’t focus on tactics and buff at the same time), someone stepped in and started the end fight, and I told them not to.. but no worries, I need to be able to handle these kind of things. I grabbed the dragon and waited for the party to deal with the ragers.

I always want the ragers taken care of before anyone attacks the dragon. That way we insure that they are out of the way and won’t cause us to wipe. I had a few ppl assigned on death lords and the rest were meant to go to shadow side. I asked Nurmaso to lead shadow side. Stitchz wanted to kite the death lords and was trying to get the death lord team to abandon their assigned task and go to shadow side… I don’t know if anyone did, but it did seem like most of them were ignoring him. 🙂 I didn’t want to stress about which way ppl were doing it, but I must admit I felt a bit proud that the raid group seemed to follow my instructions. At the end I was trying to kill myself so I could see the deaths… but after a while of trying I gave up. Someone suggested I could just kill myself in a beam after we complete, and that’s what I did.

I told the party I was going to post for fotp, but very few seemed interested. One by one the ppl dropped the group and left was only Weii and Nurmaso. I tired the channels and waited a while, but then got bored and headed back over to amrath. I didn’t have time to finish Archon’s Trial before I had 6 ppl. Someone else was posting for EE FOT and asked me to send some ppl from my group over, but I didn’t feel like doing that. I didn’t even ask the group if anyone wanted to do that, as I was hoping to get a group faster than it’d take for them to finish. I was getting really bored, and we waited over an hour, I’m sure… but then we had a party. Nurmaso and Aluvatar was to take the male dragon, I took the female.

I was running Deathwyrm in Unyielding Sentinel, but Fire on Thunder Peak I always run in Legendary Dreadnought. I don’t really like kiting the dragons in fotp, because I always die when I attempt to. Much of the run I was able to keep my dragon, or aggro her back when the aggro reset. In part 2 I happened to grab the wrong dragon and Nurmaso suggested a switch. During the phase after the purple named ellies we were having some problems… I was unable to both dps dragon and take care of the trash that was on me, and the ppl trying to help me would mostly die. Somehow we managed to get past that part and then we got to the +400% to damage from the dragons – part. I think my dragon tail whipped me twice to death, I died a total of 4 times from getting hit by the female dragon.  Yet, with the messiness of the run we finished in below average time.

EEraids 26 – Fire on Thunder Peak, finishing off the trash at the end of the raid.

🙂 that’s it folks. Thank you for stopping by and happy raiding


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    • Thank you for letting me know. I’ve been using google account for storing and sharing images on my blog, and recently google decided to switch from google+ photos to “photos” and since then I’ve been having some issues with the links. The link from just right clicking on the uploaded image would be way too long and not a public link anymore.

      I’ve now made all the ddo pictures public, and I used a shareable link for the images, so hopefully the problem is resolved.

    • I’ve been having some issues with the image sharing since google account decided to change how the albums work. I’ve now changed the link for all the pictures in the last 5 blogs, so they should work.

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