Running Defiler of the Just – a new video

U27 has been out for a number of weeks now, and I’ve been trying to get some runs done on the new raid. I haven’t really run too much with others, I saw how a couple of others do the runs, and my way is a bit of a mix. I learned that doing teams makes killing the executioners more efficient, so I started doing that.

Here’s a short run through of the raid:

1. Kill the trash and gather at the closed gate. The ambush starts when everyone is there and the first gate closes. The raid is now locked.
2. An archon falls just inside the first gate with 2 executioners ready to kill him. You have 1 min 15 s to kill the executioners or the archon will die. 5 dead archons = the raid fails.
3. A group of reinforcements have spawned either by north portal or south. Kill them.
4. Two archons will fall at the same time with two executioners per archon. You have 1 min 15 s to kill all 4 executioners.
5. 5 reinforcements spawn at either one of the portals or both. Kill them.
6. Rise and repeat until you get 3 archons at the same time and 6 executioners. This is the last wave of archons. Kill the reinforcements.
7. The last 5 reinforcements spawn, after this the gate to the east open.
8. Gather the party at the door to the end fight. Stepping over the line will start the fight
9. Kill the snake
10. Kill the end boss. If killing her takes too long she will start bombing the place and more reinforcements arrive.
11. loot

And here is the video

🙂 that’s all folks


6 comments on “Running Defiler of the Just – a new video

  1. Not sure if it is a problem on my end or not, but pics don’t seem to be showing up. The video shows up just fine, but not the pics? Again, this may be an issue on my side. If so, let me know if you know how I can fix it. Thanks, and have a good one!

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