EEraids 25

I don’t know if it was because of the +15% epic xp bonus that have been going on, or what it was, but it took a very long time to fill the raid this time. Post was up at around 10 to 8 and at 9 I only had 2 others in the group. Shortly after I got 3 more, yet we waited a good long while more before we had enough ppl for me to feel confident in starting.

The group this week.. was ok. My lfm asks the joiners to know the raid, but several of the joiners seemed to know very little of it. We got jumps and red light/ green light. I wasn’t very stressed or easily irritated, so when a few got “stuck” in jump room, I was prepared to go get them. I didn’t have to, though, because the wizard volunteered to do it. I feared a wipe in red light/ green light. More than once during red I saw my party go ding – ding – ding… and there was only me and maybe one other person left standing. Someone suggested the deaths were because some aoe effect, but my guess is that it was the battle ragers. If you move during red light – that is, if you do anything else but melee/ cast spells, and you are not wearing a spell absorption, you will die. Running, climbing or getting pushed counts as moving. And ragers will push you.

EEraids 25 – Deathwyrm

Anyway, after a few near wipe moments, I started telling my group “yellow, stop moving”, each time the light turned yellow. Yellow means it’s about to turn red. Calling out when everyone should stop seemed to help, as we had far fewer deaths after that, yet still quite a few once we reach the phylactery that opens the portal to the shrine room. Red light and a bunch of tough red named mobs put a lot of strain on us and I started to worry about not having enough resurrection scrolls (I had about 60 left as this point). We managed to get everyone through to the shrine room, and I talked through the plan for the next area.

The end fight… was ok. It would seem that several in the group did not really know what they were doing or what was expected of them. The death lord team did well, but shadow side wiped and needed a rescue. The person assigned to lead the shadow side didn’t see to know what to do at all, so someone from the dragon side hopped in to help them. The real phylactery was found in maybe 4 tries and we could progress the raid. We prepped the dragon, dropped the dragon, and one of the lever pullers failed to pull – after I had specifically told him that q + e can malfunction, that you need to actually click on the lever to get it to pull. Before reprepping the dragon I said I was going to kill myself, so I could see the death count of the raid – and I did. I got a raise and we finished the raid.

We lost some from the Deathwyrm group this week, so I put the lfm back up. As always, I didn’t want to kite a dragon, so I got two others to do it instead. I couldn’t help myself, but was meleeing the dragons, and ended up pulling aggro more than once. We had deaths and some lag, but over all it was a pretty standard run. The purple named ellies spawned pretty quick, while after they dropped it took a while to get the dragons down for the shield on the artifact to go up. Ppl listened somewhat well and/ or knew what to do, and we managed to finish in a pretty average time.

EEraids 25 – Fire on Thunder Peak

After fotp it was already getting a bit late, but I wanted to do Defiler of the Just, I still have several more runs to do before 20th. I also wanted to do a recording, so the first doj run of the night was recorded. Check out the recording in the previous blog, or check out my youtube channel here.

Anyway, that’s all folks. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

5 comments on “EEraids 25

  1. Raids tend to worry me. I never really know what to do because I run them so infrequently.The fact that you seem to be able to run them near every weekend is pretty cool. Well done on handling the PUGs, especially when some didn’t heed your requirements!

    • 🙂 I started hosting raids back in 2012, because there wasn’t really a lot of raids being hosted, and especially not the ones I wanted to run, when I wanted to run them. It became a weekly thing – Saturday night is raid night. The thing is that the old raids were sort of getting boring, and I wanted to try a higher difficulty, so I decided to try hosting EEraids… with a bit of a push from a friend. Note that I do get comments about improvements, and sometimes I even listen to them, lol. I find it very hard to be selective, while I do listen to tactics suggestions.

      • That is a sign of a good player, I think. Listening to what others say can (sometimes) bring new light on a quest or- in your case- raid. Still, you’re brave to do PUGs. I would still be soloing if I didn’t now have a regular group with which to run. 🙂 Have a great one!

      • 🙂 Well, the pug scene has become like an extended guild, I usually know many of the joiners from before, and they recognize me on the lfm, so they know what to expect from the run. I rarely join ppl that I don’t know now-a-days, just because I am quite impatient and I’d like to know in advance what kind of group it is. I use channels actively and advertise the raids in the channels… which also means that a lot of the joiners are ppl I know.

        A lot of the time I look at the guild of the joiner (if I don’t right away recognize the name) and from that can guess what kind of player they are. If I recognize the guild that is.

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