EEraids 24

Finally I’m sitting down to do the  EEraids blog. Since Darth moved in, I’ve been trying to do my normal routine (work, exercise, degus, food, ddo).. and spend time with him, but in the end I’ve ended up cutting down on some of the time for other things to spend more time with him. Anyway… back to the raids.

I logged on at 10 to 8 pm (that’s 2 pm EST) and posted for EE Deathwyrm. After a fem min I was joined by Bonngg. I wasn’t really in any hurry or rush, I was discovering new things about the monster manual and spent a good while just clicking through it, before I decided to do a run of the first quest in the new Amrath chain. As I was progressing through the quest I started getting joiners and as I finished I had 6 ppl and had to convert to raid group. It didn’t take long before I had a full group and we started. I typed down my normal instructions “here are my rules: help with the puzzles if you know them, but don’t turn the beam until it’s done and call beam when you do. Kill off trash in one level before stepping through the portal, as stepping through will cause trash to spawn in the next area, and can increase lag. And, remember to run away from your stone if you die”.

The EEraids party this week

We had a really good and smooth run. A few deaths on the way to the end, but the group stayed well together, and no one got lost or left behind. We got the maze and the tower and got to the end fight without any real issues. I was going to tank so I needed someone else to lead shadow side. Gray would drop the ragers, and I had 4 volunteers for death lords. I told Justus to lead shadow side. We got really lucky this week, as we found the real phylactery in the third try. One of the guys on the levers failed to pull (q + e is not guaranteed to work, you might actually have to click on it), so we had to redrop the dragon, but we had enough dps and this wasn’t a big issue. We finished in a record time of 50 min 29 s.

I told the party I was going to post for Fire on Thunder Peak next and for the first time since I started running these no one left. Everyone from the Deathwyrm run wanted to stay. I didn’t want to be on a dragon, so got two volunteers for this. The dragon kiters weren’t 100% confident, and I did expect them to die.. but I wasn’t really worried until we started lagging. We lagged so badly that I thought we were gonna wipe. If I’m not mistaken, and one point we only had one person left alive… but they managed to get ppl up and we were able to continue. I was doing my best trying to melee trash, and died a few times because my heals were not taking, and damaged was hitting me delayed, so I couldn’t even tell how much damage I was taking. Yet, we finished in 30 min. Good job team!

The raid party again

And to finish off the night I wanted to do more Defiler of the Just runs. The party convinced me to do epic hard, so that is what I posted for. We had a lot of dps and splitting the party up in two teams seems to work well, we got most of the executioners down quickly… all except  for the last spawn. The last spawn usually has three archons at the same time, and even though I was yelling at ppl to kill the executioners, we missed at least two, and lost two archons. Not that 2 is that bad. We got to the end fight an finished the boss before  she started bombing the place.

epic hard defiler of the just – end fight

If I recall we did three normal runs after this, and they were all fine, a bit laggy but fine.

That’s all I have for you today. Thank you for stopping by and take care.

P.S. My toons (Thaz, Cerge and Firetha) are starting to be half way through to  the 20th completion on doj. Still a bit to go before I can get back to eTrs/ TRs.

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