Thaz does the new raid

I’ve been waiting to run the new content.. on Friday I finally got Thaz flagged, and on Saturday I did the first run of the new raid. On Sunday I flagged Cerge solo, and then convinced Cleazy to run another flagging run on EE for Maidae and Darth. Then we did more runs. I think Cleazy did maybe 3, and then Gray took over and did 2-3. I got 6 completions total anyway, and in my 3rd run I got the goggles. Cleazy pulled them and put them up for roll and I got the highest roll. We were doing eN runs.

Thaz does Defiler of the Just. Is that a dead archon?

When Gray got tired of running the raid, I switched to Firetha to flag her as well. Had some nice eH runs of the quests. So far I am enjoying them.. but I guess it will get old semi quick. I am hoping for some nice loot, though.

That’s all folks 🙂


6 comments on “Thaz does the new raid

  1. I would love to hear your explanation of the raid mechanic. Tried this twice last week and failed as we couldn’t understand how to protect the archons, where they appeared and the like. We were shortmanning it a bit but still couldn’t work it out.

    • Ok, in short the raid mechic:

      1. kill off the trash, gather your party in the room where the raid locks (with spinning blades), when everyone is there, the gate comes up and the raid is now locked. Kill off stuff til the gate forward opens.
      2. protect the archons and kill off reinforcements. Raid failure: 5 archons die or 15 reinforcements are alive at the same time. Archons spawn at random locations, usually two at the same time, either sw, nw, se, ne, or anywhere around the centre. To protect them you kill the two red named executioners. Reinforcements spawn at the portals. When archons spawn (you see the big yellow pillar of light) a timer starts, and you have to kill off all the executioners (since two archons usually spawn the same time, you need to locate the pillars of light and kill all executioners before the timer runs out, two per archon). The executioners also rubberband to their spawn location, so keep them close to the pillar of light to avoid resetting them. You can either split your party in two and have half the party at the north portal looking for pillars, and half the party at the south portal looking for pillars, or just have everyone running around looking for pillars and trash mobs.
      3. once you’ve killed off all the trash mobs and rescued ~10 archons, the gate forward will open. Stepping over the threshold to the end fight area will start the end fight. Kill the big snake to avoid his deadly attacks, then kill the boss to finish the raid.

  2. I worked on counting the archon spawns today. After the 1st one that is in centre by the door, we got ~8 spawns, so 16 +1 total archons to protect. The timer is 1 min 15 s.

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