Reaper difficulty?

A month or so ago I was reading the vault, and they were speculating about a new difficulty mentioned on Lamannia called Reaper. I had forgotten about it, until I saw it in the quest report from my Sat raids.

What is this Reaper difficulty? Is it something they’re planning to add?

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4 comments on “Reaper difficulty?

  1. Hopefully the Final Solution for every time we hear someone say, “the game’s too easy.” CR 100 trash against your level 30s. Real healing required; even your Cocoons with high healing amp won’t keep up. But haven’t heard much about it. Clearly the devs are ready to apply it, and likely when level cap 30 arrives.

  2. Reaper mode might drop with Update 29, the level 30 cap, or in 2016. The idea is to set the bar high enough so that group and a balanced party is necessary for a completion, just like the good ol’ days.

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