EEraids 23

Finally, after 4 weeks of no sat raids for me, I was ready to host another one. I posted for Deathwyrm at 8pm my time as usually, and it was very slow at first. Then slowly ppl started joining and it wasn’t before too long that I had a full party. I don’t remember now if I waited to fill before starting, but I know I didn’t wait for everyone to get  to the raid. Anyway, the group was pretty good and we got maze and tower. The funny about the maze/ archives is that even though I explain how to do it, ppl get lost. I asked if ppl have d-door and know how to do the maze.. but even though ppl had d-door, they didn’t want to or knew how to do it so I just said “ok, ppl with d-door, follow me”. I picked right portal 6 times, and didn’t even need the d-door. Since I’m right handed, I tend to prefer going right, lol. It doesn’t really matter.

The raid party this week

Someone dc’d, someone got left behind and someone was piking, but we progressed at a good speed, and the only bad lag we had was in the bone guardian room. When the trash spawned, we started lagging badly. Or I was anyway. Yet, I don’t think anyone died, and we managed to kill the guardian in the first try. Coming to the end fight, I took the dragon and I told Emmilie to lead the shadow side. He asked me if we should do one or two at a time, and I said he can do what ever since he’s in charge. I was just sitting on the dragon… well most of the time I was hanging on the wall on the other side.

We had some deaths, and with the change to the xp bonus for deaths, the quest report no longer shows how who died and how many times. This is a big negative for me, because looking at the quest report I could see how squishy some ppl were. Now I can not. We finished in 57 min.

Then on to Fire on Thunder Peak. I don’t want to tank/ kite dragons, because my toon feels slow and clumsy and cannot tank the dragons in there. Yet, as I was helping dpsing the female, I stole aggro, and the kiter gave up and let me keep the dragon. I kited her until she got one of the damage buffs and mowed me over… then I let someone else have her. The run was pretty standard, some deaths, but ppl seemed to know what they were doing and we finished in 27 min. At one point I was yelling at ppl to dps the other dragon, as I was kiting mine for a long while and the raid was not progressing…

After these runs, I was eager to try the new raid. I asked if ppl wanted to run it, and then switched to Thaz. Just because Thaz was the only one I had had a chance to flag. Ppl were looking at me to divide the group in two teams… even though I told them I have never run it and don’t know what’s expected. We entered on epic hard. I was burning sp a lot, and was doing my best to help dps. It didn’t take me that long to figure out what we needed to do, and what would fail the raid. We lost 4/5 archons because we didn’t have enough dps to kill stuff fast enough. The end fight was over before I knew what happened.. and I pulled the cloak with a mythic bonus. 🙂 I could have done more runs, but everyone left, so I decided to log off.

Raids were over this time around 11pm, but I was feeling tired, so didn’t feel like running more.

That’s all folks. 🙂


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