I did it!

Last weekend Gray was talking about planning to do an EE MoD, and when I said I’d like to go she asked me which toon I want to bring. I said I want to do one run on Thaz at least, and she asked if I could cap in a week. Thaz was then lvl 24. I accepted the challenge. Now, 4.4 mil xp in 6 days would not be hard for the active player… but I don’t have that much time to play. I play maybe 2-3h/ night during the work week, and one of those nights is static night with my sis and Stephen.. so that makes only 5 days. Sunday is my ddo day when I play a bit more, but I still have rl stuff that needs to get done so I usually can’t do more than ~6h. But I was up for the challenge.

Sunday I ran into Cleazy, and after helping him with orchard on Maidae I convinced him to join me for EE GH for saga. We ran the whole saga, before I was out of time. Thaz got 25, I think. Monday I realised I had forgotten to do the 3 Eveningstar chains, so I posted for those and was joined by my guildie Miriath and his Brittish friend… let’s call him Hamster, and a few pugs. We did the first two chains before I decided to go to bed. Tuesday we continued an did Demonweb and continued with Wheloon. Thaz was 26.

Yes, I am proud of managing to do an eTR in 1.5 weeks. With doing all the sagas for next eTR as well. Thank you to the ppl who helped me out.

Wednesday was static night this week, so come Thursday Thaz was still 26 and had Storms Horns left to do. I was again joined by Miri and Hamster and pugs and we did all but WGU. Thaz was still 26. And then it was Friday. I started with WGU as I figured it would still be worth running for the xp. Thaz hit 27. 1.4 mil to go to cap. What can I run? I decided to do von3, wiz-king and spies in the house eH + eN… and I got a lot of xp. I was missing around 600k after this and posted for the von raid, which got me a bit over 200k. Then I posted for Demonweb again, this time eH for quick runs. So close now, and I was getting tired. It was around 1 in the morning (I had started at 9pm). I figured I’d look at wildernesses, and realised I still have messages in epic gianthold I haven’t done. Ran around looking for them while killing stuff for ~30 min and there it was, CAP! Yay!! I did it!! This was my fastest eTR so far, 1.5 weeks.. with the amount I play.

I did mess up when I eTR’d, though. When collecting my gathered sagas I forgot to switch to the correct ED, so now I’m missing ~800k xp from the primal sphere before I can eTR again. This means some more questing in Shiradi… but at least Thaz is now ready for EE MoD if Gray decides to do it.

1.4 mil in ~3h, not shabby at all. 🙂

P.S. Today I spent some time sorting Thaz’s gear, bank and inventory.. so I have gear ready for the next eTR. I gear for lvl 23, 25 and then 28. Since I use sagas, I skip levels 20-22.


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