Thaz eTR 4

After months of being at cap, I had another toon I felt could to the EEraids, so it was time to eTR Thaz. The goal is to do all epic past lives on her… and I have not been progressing the project at all. I did 3x Power over Life and Death and then I was just enjoying staying at cap. But to eventually get where I want to go, I need to start doing the reincarnations.

I considered giving Thaz green hair because it looked cool, but last time I tried to make her different I hated it, so decided to go with the classic Thaz look. Same hair style, blond hair, blue eyes, a mild lip gloss and some light jewellery. Normally I go with the nose ring, but this time I picked earrings. Thaz has to look like Thaz. I forgot to do before and after pics, but since I really didn’t change her much, I didn’t think it was needed.

Thaz at the creation screen

That’s all for this post. Ty for looking and have great day.

P.S. I picked Colors of the Queen this time

P.P.S I eTRd Tuesday July 7.


2 comments on “Thaz eTR 4

  1. It is amazing just how important the look of a character is. I have respecced and even trashed toons simply because I did not like how they looked. Good luck on the current life!

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