EEraids 21

So.. my plan was to turn Cerge into a pally hate tank, and then start running the EEraids on him while I eTR Thaz. I capped Cerge and geared him and then did two test runs of Deathwyrm and one of Fotp to see how fit for tanking he is last week. My tests showed me I need to run Deathwyrm in Sentinel and that he’s not fit to tank dragons in Fotp. Anyway, Short suggested some improvements and I reset my enhancements before this week’s EEraids. Noob moment… I guess I was nervous or some, but I never realised I didn’t have stance active, and didn’t have an str item. Anyway, I was tankin dragon ok in Deathwyrm, most likely I’ll find it even easier with stance actually active next week, lol.

This week’s raid EE Deathwyrm party

This week, though, the runs were very good, in ~20 min I had a full party for Deathwyrm, the run took 68 min with 21 deaths. I had a bit of problems with the dragon when it was time to get her to centre, and I wasn’t the only one. It also took a while for us to find the right phylactery, but other than that I thought it was a really smooth run. Then on to Fotp, most of the ppl already in the party stayed, I think I lost a total of 2 ppl. Durk joined and after waiting 5 min I decided to run short man. This was our fastest Fotp to date. 22 min! Ppl were killing trash, dpsing dragons.. we had pretty good dragon keepers and we were able to progress the raid quickly. So awesome.

Cerge’s crits while blitzing (and think the mob is stunned). Note, as said, this noob didn’t activate stance and didn’t have a str item during this run.

This week’s EE Fotp party

Since the Thunderholme raids were so fast this time, we also did an EE FoT (12 min) where I tanked the SR (with stance active this time) and then a few eH Mod runs, of which the fastest was 8 min if I recall. I had had coffee before the raids, so I wasn’t tired and stayed on for several runs. We were a bit laggy though and I called several restarts. There’s really no point in trying to fight through lag, when a restart usually fixes the problem.

That’s all for this weeks raids. 🙂


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