EEraids 20

It was a nice Saturday. Way too hot in my apartment, 30°C (86°F), and I had to wait about an hour again before I had a raid group, but I felt it was a good group. Due to the heat, I kept saying “my brain feels like mush”, and I wasn’t quite aware of time.. so I don’t really know how long everything took. We had good luck in Deathwyrm. No lag, we got jumps & tower.. and we had a full party. In the end fight the tank died a couple of times, the death lord team died a few times and we had to do several shadow spawns before we found the real phylactery… but we managed to finish the raid in 76 min.

Double dead dragon.. a dead dracolich

A few ppl left and got replaced by others for Fire on Thunder Peak, but I managed to get a full party rather quickly. I believe I once yelled “split the dragons!”, otherwise the raid progressed quite smoothly. I felt we spent a bit too much time on the purple named, but we had good trash control and the dragon keepers did a good job. I believe this was our fastest run to date, at only 27 min (and only 7 deaths).

And… a dead fire dragon

My group was still up for running more, so I suggested FoT, since it’s quite fast. Jedli was not flagged, so he decided to have a break. I asked for an SR tank, and got one. I decided to kite the undead myself, as I think I’m quite good at it, and I’d rather do it myself than make someone who doesn’t want to do it, do it. TO tank was not assigned. Things were going really well… until the SR tank died and SR was loose. Then TO dies while SR is being kited around, and while TO is getting back up SR dies. I’m just kiting my dragons around, looking for ppl to raise. SR tank gets back up, but since they’re out of spell absorption, they don’t last long. We fail timing once more and they both get back up. SR at full health, TO at.. 1/3? I keep kiting.. and just as TO and SR are finally getting prepped at the same time… I raise someone and then die. SR tank, who’s now ranging SR, grabs the undead and kites them while the party takes out the bosses. I get a raise and end up with the graphics glitch. But no worries. The run, even with the mess, was still faster than the FoT runs we used to do before the armor changes.

The dragon turns blue.. because of some weapon? I thought it was just the lighting.

Graphics glitch. It looks like you’ve got the boom virus, but you don’t. Seems to happen sometimes if you’re dead when the raid completes.

A couple of ppl in the party wanted to do CitW, and since it’s been a while since I’ve run it, I decided to give it a try. I’ve been afraid of this raid because it felt hard the last time I ran it. I had completely forgotten about the power creep and the armor changes. I wasn’t expecting it, but the party actually filled, and we got going. The raid was much easier than I remembered, the only real problem we had was lag. I was told that the warlock auras are causing lag, and that with 3 warlocks, at least two of them running aura if not all.. we’d be in trouble. And we were. During every big mob spawn we lagged and ppl died. Not sure how I managed to survive it, lol, but I did. Some time after the 1st opt, my phone rang and I got a bit distracted by it, piked some of the raid… and Cleazy told me he was eating, lol. We got to the end fight somewhat intact and I suggested we pull the mobs down instead of going up behind the rock. I expected us to lag wipe from too many mobs up behind the rock, so to avoid lag, we’d fight just a few at a time. This actually worked pretty well and we got through the end fight without much problems. Sadly I took the quest report screenshots before the quest had completed, so you can’t see completion time.. but it was about an hour, if not less.

That’s all folks. Thank you for stopping by

P.S. After EEraids I switched to Firetha and we did an elite ToD run… but since ToD is far from exciting now-a-days, I don’t really care to go through it.


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