Looking at Thazara’s build and gear

Today I felt like making a video about Thaz, as I have upgraded her and her gear a little bit, and I just felt like making a video this time. I apologize for my babbling, and forgetting things, lol. Here’s the video:

Thaz’s gear setup right now:
Goggles: Epic Elite Intricate Field Optics ability bonus: wisdom +3, augments: Topaz of Fear Immunity, Topaz of Striding +30%/ Epic Glimpse of the Soul, augments: Topaz of Striding +30%, Topaz of Fear Immunity (swap for MoD)
Head: Epic Deific Diadem, augments: Golem’s Heart, Topaz of Power +250/ Epic Elite Helm of the Blue Dragon, ability bonus: Insightful Wisdom +3, augments: Topaz of Power +250 (swap for MoD)
Neck: Epic Noxious Embers, augments: Diamond of Heal +15, Diamond of Insightful Intelligence +2
Trinket: Greater Cunning Trinket (before buffing), Epic Litany of the Dead (after buffing)
Armor: Thunderforged Heavy Armor, augments: Globe of True Imperial Blood, Sapphire of Spell Agility +15
Cloak: Supreme Tyrant Green Steel Weave Cloak of Mineral (+45 hp)
Bracers: Dumathoin’s Bracers, augment: Sapphire of False Life +40
Belt: Epic Belt of Thoughtful Rememberance, augment: Diamond of Spellcraft +15
Ring 1 (always on): Epic Elite Ring of Shadows, augment: Topaz of Greater Evocation
Boots: Supreme Tyrant Green Steel Boots of Concordant Opposition (Blindness Immunity, +150 sp)
Gloves: Iron Mitts, augment: Diamond of Insightful Constitution +2
Ring 2 (possibly swap): Lantern Ring, augment: Good Luck +2, Vitality +20
Main hand: Thunder-Forged scepter with Dwarvencraft Impulse, Dwarvencraft Evocation Focus, Dwarvencraft Kinetic Lore, augments: Meridian Fragment
Offhand: Libram of Silver Magic, augment: Ruby of Devotion +138

Thaz’s enhancements:

Thaz’s ED:

Thaz’s spellbook:

And if you want to look at my build, check out the build plan here: Thazara 1.4 draft. My skills I have been adjusting a bit back and forth, currently I max out UMD and concentration, after that I put points in heal and spellcraft.. and anything left over might go in diplomacy. Thazara also has a full set of +6 ability tomes and +4 skill tomes (+5 spellcraft).

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

Edit August 31, 2015: After acquiring Halcyonia and Visions of Precision, I removed the +1 wisdom from warpriest and added the points to divine disciple to efficient maximize. Thaz is now sitting on 70 wisdom buffed, with 71 evocation dc.


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