The thing about multiboxing

The first friend I made in the game.. Andy as I called him, talked to me about dual-boxing. I had never heard the expression, seeing as I did not come from an mmo background. My friend would play two toons. He’d even bring two into raids, which would not make others very happy. Later I learned that dual-boxing was an easy (well with a bit of practice) way to solo tiles in the Abbot raid. Andy took it one step further and ran three accounts simultaneously, to be able to solo the Titan raid. Well the pre anyway, which requires three players/ toons.

I believe it was with U14 (at the same time that they did the UI changes) that Turbine added support for multiboxing into the client. Before this you had to install the game into a different folder for each instance you wanted to run. With this update you could just start the client multiple times and play as many accounts as you wanted.. well as many as your computer could handle that is.

Another friend of mine would also always play two accounts. He’d play a wizard, and bring with him his rogue alt for the traps. To be able to do this you had to have them of different accounts. Me, I made a second account that one time when I got a temp ban from the game. The ban only lasted a few hours, but during that time I started leveling a new alt. I hadn’t really planned to do this, but later I decided to get her some packs, and to bring her along when I was running with my sister. I guess this slowed down our progress a little, but I’m still glad I now have this toon as my opener.

The three musketeers: Genmaicha, Evilynnn and Thazara

The other day I wanted to make a third account… just to add a 6th guild member to my alt guild… and learned that I had already made this account a year earlier. I made this account just to test out the creation page, since a friends said he was unable to create a toon selecting the country he is from. I made the account, then forgot about it… until a few days ago, when I suddenly wanted to create a toon on it, and couldn’t. I had to wait a day for the CS to respond to my ticket, then they did their mojo and I had a 3rd account. As there was a big discount on the expansion packs on steam, I decided to get the cheapest bundle from there for this account.

I made a pdk bard, flagged her for Dreaming Dark, and realised I couldn’t pick up the quest. So the next few nights I spent just running wilderness (orchard and vale) to get her to 16. I can tell you, I’m not doing that again, because I hated it. Anyway, got her flagged for DD and then took my 3 accounts into DD for one run (the plan was to farm for ioun stones, but I was out of time).

This is how I multibox. I run in windowed mode and place the windows so I can easily click on them to activate and switch toon. In the picture I have Thazara’s window to the right, Genmaicha top left and Evilynnn bottom left. I prefer to keep the toon I’m running (the others mostly pike), to the right.

Apparently I’ve really gotten into multiboxing. 🙂

That’s all folks. Ty for stopping by and have a great day.

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