EEraids 18 – a mess

My lfm says “EEraids. Come prepared, main ED, know it, BYOH”. Let me explain what this means.

EEraids – the name of the channel I created, points to my weekly raids.
Come prepared – bring pots, scrolls, anything you need to be able to help out until we’re done. Running out of sp/ raises is not acceptable. If you do, you were not prepared.
Main ED – run in the best epic destiny for your build. Unyielding Sentinel is only acceptable for the tank, as it’s not a dps ED.
Know it – know where to go and what to do, we can’t be holding your hand through the raid, or guide you.
BYOH – bring your own heals. This means that you are expected to heal yourself. You’re expected to be able to run the raid/ help out without needing someone to babysit you with heals.

What the lfm doesn’t say, but is implied, is that if you join the raid, it’s expected of you to contribute. If you are unable to stay alive, you are not contributing. If you don’t know where to go, or run out of sp pots on a caster, you’re not contributing. And if you’re not, you are putting more work on the rest of the group. I put trust in you, if you join my lfm, having read what the lfm says, I trust you to be a contributing factor, not a burden.

The last update turned on my post processing again. The two last spots in the raid were taken by Glorfendel, a ranged fighter and Jalana (or something similar), a thrower monk.

This week, the raids were just bad. I was tired and a bit unfocused… and got irritated when a late joiner was unable to run the maze (in Deathwyrm) by himself… and ppl in the red light greenlight room kept dying. Also, if a lot of ppl die, you raise them. You don’t keep fighting and die yourself. We are stronger in numbers. Come to the end fight, I didn’t know what to do with ppl, I felt like about half of the group was unable to do any of the tasks required. I needed ppl on death lords, I needed a tank, and I needed ppl to go to shadow side. Cheri took dragon, Ero battle ragers. So far so good. I had a few on death lords, they were also doing an ok job. But then came the time to do the shadow side.

Me and two others go in, and in a few seconds they’re dead, and my pale lavender has run out, since I was using it in red light/ green light. What does this mean? It means that the shadow beholder will stone me, which he did, and then dropped me off the edge to the level below. We fought on, and Gray went into shadow side, but I guess got stoned and thrown off as well. I got back in a bit later and found the shadow beholder still up. If I had had my plis charged, I would not have had an issue taking him out myself, but without it, I’m doomed to get stoned and either die or get thrown off the edge, so I just clicked on the portal and went back to the dragon side.

Next attempt me, Gray and a couple of others went in and killed the beholder… but then the dragon side was wiping, so I went back out again to help raise ppl. Ppl were most likely dying from the death lords. The death lords will keep spawning, and if you don’t kill them you will have multiple attacking ppl. The death lords have only 3 attacks as far as I know: hold monster, disintegrate and black dragon bolt. To deal with them, you need fom, true seeing (they’re blurred) and either a really high fortitude save, or really good heals and the hp to take the hit. A lot of players get disintegrated and die. Over and over. My Thaz can take the hit, because of her heals, but I am not saving against it, so getting death lord aggro does not make me happy.

Anyway, I sent Gray, Plienas and Ero to do shadow side, while I tried to get the dragon side under control. Ppl were dying and dying, so I didn’t want to raise them anymore. If you can’t take a hit without dying, I have no use for you. I don’t like letting ppl pike, but I don’t want to waste resources on players I have no use for.

We finally get everything done, dragon prepped and down… and the lever puller fails to do so on time. So we had to redo it. When the raid was finished, I was so tired and unfocused, that I forgot to screenshot the quest report (damn it), and I mixed up the roll. I had the harness and two phlogs to roll off, I put them up for roll, but then read the results wrong.. passed the harness to the phlog winner and other way around. He didn’t loot it, but while he was trying to decide what to do, most had already recalled. I believe it took us about 2h to complete this run.

🙂 my consolation prize

I shouldn’t have posted for fotp, as I was too tired.. but ppl were showing an interest in it. Gray told me her and Cheri can take dragons, so I let them do it. This went wrong. We were doing fine up until after the purple named dudes spawned.. then everything went sideways. Each time a dragon keeper died, I ended up with a dragon on me… which was fine, until more trash spawned all around me.  The trash hindered my movement, and then the dragon killed me. This happened over and over. We were having problems splitting the dragons, and then when they were split, the ppl that had aggro would not keep them apart, and they’d go back together… I was going crazy.

I was getting so fed up with the whole thing.. I felt like ppl were being idiots and we were getting no where… and I was just dying, so after my 10th death I didn’t want to play anymore. We were almost done, so I told the group to not bother raising me, all my gear was broken and I couldn’t take any more damage. I got a raise a little bit later, and helped take out one of the dragons.

I take each run as a learning experience… but the variable factor.. the ppl joining, I don’t have a lot of control over. There isn’t enough ppl available for me, so I can’t be super selective if I want to run. I also make the mistake of letting ppl join because I know them, instead of looking at what they’re bringing. I have to learn to say no.

That’s all folks, have a great day.



11 comments on “EEraids 18 – a mess

    • I don’t feel like I’m too awesome. I’ve been hosting pug raids for years and my problem is that I don’t like being selective. I feel bad having to turn ppl down and I don’t want to do it. I want ppl to bring their best, not hope to get carried. It’s rare that we can afford to carry ppl.. I mean usually we can afford to have one or two pikers, but like said that means the rest has to work harder. We only really need a few really strong characters to complete, but the problem is that I’ve yet to get my static group. I’ve been trying to gather ppl for these runs, but it hasn’t really worked out. Ppl don’t really want to stay at cap and run a raid on EE that you could complete a lot faster on a lower diff. I want to run EE because I enjoy the challenge, I’ve already run for loot. Now I’m running for fun, and eN isn’t fun for me.

  1. I would think that hosting a channel and recruiting people for it would be the best way to train up others for your raids. Sorry it isn’t working out better. Maybe it is going to take time?

    • I think the issue is that more and more newer players want to run these raids, and there isn’t really anyone running them regularly on a lower diff, so these players join my runs instead… which is just bad. I try to once in a while host eN runs, but like I said, I don’t enjoy them a whole lot, and playing 5 toons that I’m TR’ing/ eTRing etc.. I’m short on time for leveling my toons and don’t want to spend a whole lot of time teaching newbies. I do once in a while, but nothing regularly.

  2. 🙂 This sounds pretty familiar, it really sucks when you go into a difficulty that the group can’t really handle 😛
    I don’t think you should post for EE if you don’t have a solid base, like 3 people that can really take a lot (Like 2 strong kiters for EE fotp that you really thrust they will do a good job) that makes the run almost always much easier 😛
    And if that is not the case, just run EH or lower, because else it can really be frustrating if it turns out the group is not good enough (and deciding to restart on a lower difficulty is often not an option as people will dislike this a lot :P)

    By the way, what day and time do you usually post?

    • Hai Storms!!

      The problem is that even the runs where I’ve had really strong ppl.. have at times gone really sideways due to puggers who can’t hold their own. I’m running around raising ppl who are just dying, instead of focusing on getting the raid forward. Then we have some players who do a good job at the tasks they’re assigned to, yet they die in one hit from disintegrate.

      I am a bit stubborn.. since I run EE because I enjoy it, lowering to eH or eN just is more of a last way out to keep ppl happy than something I enjoy. If I post for EE I want to run it. I do try to run on lower diffs once n a while to help the newbies out a bit.

      I post at 2pm EST each Saturday, starting with Deathwyrm. That’s 8pm Swedish time..

    • 😀 he realised I had passed it wrong and was trying to see who it was supposed to go to. He told the ppl who forgot to roll to roll, and then passed me the harness back. I passed it to the highest roller of the ones left inside. I feel bad that the actual winner didn’t get it, but had he had a bit more patience he could have gotten it. I would have passed it once I realised my mistake.

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