Have I ever told you how awesome I think Jedli is?

Jedli is a person I met in game… some time in 2012, I think. The first time I remember running with him was in September 2012, in A new Invasion, ToD flagging elite on Thazara (see it mentioned here). After that we raided together on and off, he was playing an fvs at the time and would help me heal shroud. See e.g. “Raiding Saturday” or “Sat-sun raids” from 2012. Jedli was reading my blog… donno how often or much, but he was, and when he decided to quit ddo he sent me a message via the form on the blog. This was October 2013 and it said “RIP orien. jedli… RL wants me. thx for the runs”. I learned that he had deleted his toon, as was probably not planning to come back.

One of my fav pics of Jedli being one of the last men standing in a raid gone really sideways. From 2012

Some time between October 2013 and April 2014 he came back, and got his toon returned from backup or something. I ran into him somewhere in Market or other public area, and he had just switched guilds… to some guild I don’t remember the name of right now. Or maybe he was guildless. I sent him a pm saying something like “I noticed you’ve changed guilds, if you haven’t had a chance to make friends yet in that guild, I want you.”… I really can’t remember the exact wording, but I remember saying “I want you”, lol. In April 2014, Jedli had joined Gli Egypt, which was later renamed Phoenix Clan (the first post mentioning Jedli as a guildie; Time to learn). I’m really happy that he joined, as he’s been a great asset.

Why do I think Jedli is awesome? He’s smart, a good player, he joins my raids if he’s online, he’s one of the better players I know and he knows how to play his toon… he’s loyal, selfless and he never complains. When other ppl complain about bad raid runs, or raids that took too long to finish, Jedli doesn’t. Instead he helps me with any task I need in the raids, well tasks that his toon can do anyway.  As an fvs Jedli was really good back in the day, as the rogue mix he now plays he’s also been really good. He can tank the dracolich in EE deathwyrm without needing anyone to heal him, and he’s a killing machine if I put him on trash duty. He can solo EE’s, but I don’t remember that’s he’s ever bragged about it either. He just is.

Now, the reason that Jedli never brags or complains might be the language barrier. He’s more than once told me his English isn’t that good… and I remember him not understanding instructions from some other raid leaders. It might be that he has learned a lot over the years, or maybe we just work well together when running things… but I really appreciate him for the person he is in game and all he does. Outside the game I don’t know him that well, so I couldn’t say much about that.

Thank you Jedli, I’m proud to call you my guildie.

P.S. Jedli does afk a lot when he’s online, so just because I see him online, doesn’t always mean I get a reply

P.P.S. Of course, I think my other guildies are awesome as well, but as most of the others don’t raid as much, I’m happy to have someone who likes to raid as much as I do. Halastor who is the newest recruit seems to be into raiding as well, so hopefully I will see him in the raids, and Miri has been joining more of late.

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6 comments on “Have I ever told you how awesome I think Jedli is?

  1. Thank you for your post! I am only a fifth-year player who likes this game and people who play it =)

    About the complaints: if something goes wrong, I simply draw conclusions from it and try to understand how I could fix the situation (regardless of whose fault it is) and what prevented me from doing it. It is like the confrontation between ‘Defensive Programming’ and ‘Design by Contact’. Similarly: we decide to go for a raid – assigned the responsibilities and began playing. However, someone violated their contract and did not carry out their responsibilities. What do we do? The ‘Design by Contact’ denies this scenario. However, since there is the people factor, we have to come up with round-about ways (and in real-time too, as a rule). This is an additional challenge, which adds spice to life.

    “I remember him not understanding instructions from some other raid leaders”
    0_o I had probably simply missed something in the chat. If something voiced is unclear to me, I usually ask. Yes, even though I know the whole of the specific jargon, it is difficult enough for me to take in long voice messages. In addition, I don’t have good writing skills, but I have no particular problems reading

    • 🙂 I enjoy coming up with tactics during the runs, and the fact that we have mixed groups makes it all interesting. I’d get bored if everything was too easy.

      Adenai complained about you after that one Deathwyrm you were in, he said that you were not listening to instructions.. I told him that you probably did not understand them. I personally don’t remember having any issues with you not understanding. 🙂

      Btw. your comment was really well written.

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