EEraids 17

This was the 17th time I posted for EEraids. EEraids is what I called the channel, the group running EE Thunderholme raids and hopefully some time in the future EE MoD. I have been speaking to ppl about these raids, and I understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If ppl are just after the named items from the raids, running quick eN runs for completions will benefit you more. I enjoy running these raids on EE, because if you never run at the highest difficulty, you’ll never develop skills for handling it. You’ll never know what your toon can do, and if you’re strong enough. You also won’t learn the tactics needed to complete. As skills and tactics interest me more than completions, I enjoy running these raids.

This week I posted for EE deathwyrm a little after 2pm EST and Weii joined me right away, a short while later a few more. One guy joined on a wizard with 612hp, and I told him that with under 700hp, he will have problems in the end fight due to disintegrate. You need 70+ fortitude save to save against the death lords’ disintegrate, and ppl usually don’t have that. This means that instead you’ll take the hit and heal up as quickly as you can. If you don’t have the hp to take the hit, you’ll get one shotted, and ppl getting one shotted quickly become more of a burden than help. So, the low hp wiz decided to drop group.

This week’s raid group

I waited about 1.5h before starting this run.. just because I wanted EE and I didn’t want to attempt to run with only 6 ppl. When I had 8 I was ready to start… but already in the first mirror room we lagged, and I called a restart. Second try I had a full party and we got as far as the jumps before we lag froze… and I called another restart. Third try we managed to proceed, making sure to not leave any or almost any trash behind, as if we’re having a laggy day the trash can increase it. We progressed carefully doing our best to clear the areas. Starting the end fight, I told the group that we’re gonna play it safe and make sure the ragers are taken care of before we dps the dragon. The ragers don’t do a whole lot of damage themselves, but add the knockdown they do, and they become a problem. My group has wiped before because of them. So, we waited for all 5 to spawn and Ero or Weii to grab aggro before proceeding.

We had a bit of a miscommunication with who is supposed to kill death lords, but the group was good and I had enough ppl, so this didn’t matter. We found the real phylactery on the third or forth try, and managed to zap the dragon on the first try. The raid finished in 57 min.

I was a bit tired, but I still wanted to do Fire on Thunder Peak as well, since I had a good group for it. We started, dps’d the dragons, the female took flight and when she landed again we started lagging badly. I called a restart. Second try, we experienced pretty much the same thing, at the point where the female landed, we lagged and ppl died. I called a restart. Third time was the charm, but at that point 2 ppl from the first group had given up, and we only got one replacement so we were short manning. No worries, the run went pretty well, even though there were a lot of deaths and some problems to split the dragons.

Look, a +6 tome dropped. Gratz Jedli

After the EEraids I was feeling tired and was considering just logging and going to bed, but Robai wanted to do more raids, so I gave him the star to post for FoT. I switched to Firetha for the run, but afterwards realised I was feeling to tired and irritated to raid. Better log before I yell at someone.

That’s all I have for you today. Ty for stopping by and have a great day.

P.S. I was told that Orien is currently the default server, and like last time when this happens we see an increase in lag. I haven’t had bad problems with lag in Deathwyrm since the last time.

3 comments on “EEraids 17

  1. Too bad you had to wait so long to get at least eight people to run the raid 😦 and with the lag issues :(. Glad you got through them though, always nice to hear/see how often you get people through these!! 🙂

    • Hi. Yeah, the wait was crazy long, I was happy that the group stayed with me. We had a pretty good run once I had enough ppl for it. Most of the joiners I knew as well, so I felt confident in the group before we started… unlike other times when I have a lot of unsure variables.

      When it comes to first timers, I do ask ppl I know to come help out even if they haven’t run the raid before. The difference is that if I know the person and their skill level, and feel they will be useful even if they don’t know the raid, I will take the extra time to explain what I want them to do. If it’s someone I don’t know, I won’t know their level of usefulness and will be more demanding and less tolerant with noobish behaviour.

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