EEraids 15

Now, this was the 15th Saturday I posted for EEraids, Deathwyrm and Fire on Thunder Peak. I started posting for “byoh” and “know it” a couple of weeks ago, to try to avoid first timers. I have nothing against first timers, I just don’t think EE is the difficulty to learn. With exception for ppl I know well, that will be useful even if they don’t know the raid well. But, if I don’t know you, and you’ve never run the raid before… I will expect you to be nothing but a liability.

Anyway.. this time we did not get tower, but fought our way through red light/ green light. Tower is faster and a little bit easier, but I find that if I have a good group, that knows what to do, red light/ green light shouldn’t even be a challenge. Which it wasn’t. It was a bit slower, and we had a few deaths, but over all we got through it intact. The rest of the raid progressed quite smoothly, we found the phylactery on the second try, and killed the dragon on first. Jedli was tanking this time and as always did an excellent job.

As always, snapped a few screenies before I started looting.

Now, for Fotp I lost some ppl from deathwyrm, and when the raid bugged (the dragons refused to land after we killed the purple named ellies) and we had to restart, we lost another one(who was then replaced). Our dps was quite low, and I ended up kiting a dragon at least 3 times if not more. I run in Exalted Angel with Angelic presence active, and my dots do purple numbers when I hit Rebuke foe. If the person kiting isn’t actively aggroing, I may steal it, and have on a number of times. In Deathwyrm this time, Jedli grabbed aggro off me very quickly, while in FotP I just kept waiting. I stop dpsing and just kite, as I run too slowly if I attempt to cast spells at the same time… and I don’t take the beating very well. So I kite til someone grabs aggro.

Thaz kiting a dragon and both magmas. When the dragon started burning, getting the dragon off me got even harder.

I think what took the longest was killing the purple named ellies, as ppl were mostly focused on trash. The ellies were also not standing still, but running after the ranged ppl, so it felt like it took forever. I was kiting the devastator around and told the party to focus on taking out the annihilator down while I kite the other. It was slow, but eventually we got the job done and finished the raid.

Since Fotp took so long, I didn’t feel like doing any more EEraids, but jumped on a party for MoD instead… since I had realised Thaz does not have the diadem I want. We did 7 runs, and then I quit for the night.

That’s all folks, ty for stopping by and have a great day.


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