Well, what do you know

As you may know I epic reincarnated Maidae on Sunday. As always I checked my sagas first, eTR’d, collected my sagas and jumped to level 23 before doing my enhancements and gear. Then I switched toon to run Tower of Elemental Evil epic elite on Thaz. On Monday I ran Cerge and on Tuesday Jarvanna.. Wednesday I was going to run EE Web of Chaos on Maidae, but just after logging Stitchz sent me a party invite. I hesitated, but decided to see what he wanted. “Come ToEE”, says Stitchz. “I’m just eTR’d, I feel squishy, but ok.”, says I, then run to the quest.

I was the first in the group, but slowly we filled. I was highly surprised at Maidae’s performance. As I had eTR’d the primal sphere this time, I was running in Fury. I was hitting adrenaline somewhat often, and using my boosts and displacement.. and lo and behold, I was killing stuff and they were not hurting me much. I was keeping a close second in kills with Stitchz, who is a lvl 28 fvs (I think he’s 2 pally/ 18 fvs), and usually is quite good at killing stuff. Of course, there was no 1 or 2 hit kills for me, it still took me a while to drop the 14k hp trash mobs, but still. And my second surprise came when I started stunning stuff. I have no idea how that happened, as my stun dc is not that high.

I was the baby in the group at lvl 23, I think the bard was 25, the others 27-28

The group was getting a bit lost, so a lot of the time spent in the quest Stitchz was running around looking for ppl, except when 3 of the others went to go rescue one of the clerics, and I followed Stitchz to the earth ellie area. We took out the red dude and got the key… but then ran into a red named medusa that took us both out in a moment. I didn’t even notice that Stitchz was down when the medusa stoned me and took me out.

Later on as we were getting one guy who had died in the water ellie area.. I missed the d-door and was attempting to get back to the group on my own. I didn’t realise that the party was on a different level than I was, I stepped into a room.. and it was full of mobs. As I was trying to figure out how to get out of there they took me out. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to wait too long before Stitchz picked my stone up and got me out of there.

The end fight was a bit confusing. as said I ran this quest on Sunday on Thaz, but I wasn’t quite clear on the details. Except for the ellies being immune to damage in their own square, they take extra damage if pulled to their opposite element. So fire and water, and earth and air… but earth you don’t have to kill, charming him is enough, if you’re lucky enough to get one of the earth ellie charming clubs.

After a bit of a messy run, we finished after 104 min with 471 monsters killed and 17 deaths. Have a look at the report below.

That is all I have for you for now, thank you for stopping by and have a great day.


P.S. For our effort that xp feels quite poop.


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