Maidae eTR 4

Finally.. after being at cap for a number of weeks, I got around to epic reincarnating Maidae. She used to be able to keep up with Cerge when it comes to TRs and eTRs, but of late she’s been left behind. She’s done 3 martial eTRs, and now I decided to do her first primal.

The reincarnation grove in The Hall of Heroes in Eveningstar looks different from the one in Eberron.

Here are the before and after:
Before                                                               After

Looking at the action picture I took of Maidae for the characters page, I’ve been saying that I think that Maidae looks like ogre princess Fiona, especially the pic from Shrek Forever After… so this time I tried to make her look even more like that.

Warrior princess Fiona in Shrek Forever After

That’s all folks, ty for stopping by and have a great day


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