EEraids 13 – a failure

Last week we attempted to 8 man EE Temple of the Deathwyrm. This week we were 12, and yet it turned really difficult. As Darth said, back in the day you were not allowed to raid unless you had enough hp and brought boss beaters, now you get joiners who are clueless.

I’m just not that strict of a leader, and I trust in ppl, I expect them to know what they’re doing and bring what is needed for the raid. The hard bit for me as a pug leader is to evaluate ppl and assign them to tasks that I feel they can do. This week the problem was that ppl didn’t bring self healing, didn’t know the raid, and were not quite able to succeed at the tasks assigned to them. The tank was not self healing, the death lord team was not able to stay alive.. and now the ragers no longer jump off the edge as they used to, so I assigned the wrong person to them… someone that I should have had on death lords instead.

Maybe it’s elitist of me, but when I host an EE raid and write “come prepared”, I expect ppl to know the raid, bring pots, scrolls and self healing. Even with heals in the group, it’s just not possible to have someone healbot ppl through the raid. If you do not have self healing, you become a liability… which is the same as a wasted party slot. In fact, if you do not have self healing, you are wasting our time and resources, as we will be raising you all the time. Death lords can disintegrate for over 500 points if you fail a save against them.. and for no fail you need 70+ fortitude save.

We have had some really good EE runs, but they have been quite dependant on having a few strong characters in the group. I need a good tank that can hold aggro and stay alive through everything. I need death lord and trash killers who carry enough dps to do it efficiently and have self heals enough to stay alive. Then I need a group that can handle shadow side. As it turns out, I can handle shadow side alone, if I only have someone to help me kill the beholder and helmed horror. I may be able to kill the beholder on my own if I only remember to wear spell absorption, but the helmed horror is quite tough for me.

Anyway, I guess it’s all a learning process. I need to learn to stop trusting ppl and just demand higher standards. The problem is that many of the better players have quit or are taking a break, and I’m struggling to find reliable players that can help me succeed at my raids. The regulars are missing as well. Oh, and if you didn’t get it, I called it on this week’s raid after a bit of a struggle in the end fight. We tried to resolve the situation, but as it just wasn’t happening, I decided to cut our losses before they grew.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

P.S. After the deathwyrm failure, joined Storms for a few quick raids, Firetha for Fotp and ToD and Maidae for MoD. Firetha is wearing heavy armor and has fire shield and displace, she did strangely well in eH FotP, even though she was not able to pull aggro of the dragon.


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