EEraids 12 – a failure

I don’t know what was up this Saturday, but there was very little interest in my lfm. After waiting for about an hour, we were 6, and I decided to get started. It’s never failed so far, as soon as I start running, ppl start hitting the lfm, the other week I even ended up turning ppl down as we were full. But not this week. We struggled a bit to get through the mirror rooms, but we got to the last selection.. and ended up with red light/ green light room. Decided to wait a bit before stepping in, and we got two more joiners. Struggled through red light/ green light and got to the shrine room. Someone locked it a bit early and we could not take any more joiners.

Thaz’s stats and numbers fully buffed, but without any temp boosts

I knew it would be hard, but if everyone did their job, we should have been able to do it. I assigned Aviendrah to kite dragon and 3 ppl on death lords and 3 of us would be doing shadow side. Shadow side failed on first attempt, as one guy got thrown out and me and other guy could not handle the beholder as a duo. I usually end up petrified for 30 s, which is long enough for the other mobs to kill me, if the beholder doesn’t finish me off first. Weii came in and raised us, but as we were getting attacked I decided to flee, and jumped down. Other guy died again. Third try was the charm and we managed to get the beholder and helmed horror down and break the phylactery.. 3 times.

Helmed horror stuck high up in the air

Back to dragon side, the group was having a lot of problems. I asked ppl to focus on killing trash + death lords, as well as yelling at ppl to run away from their stones. We had no shadows and had to dps the dragon some more, which took forever, as ppl were just trying to get the death lords down… and dying. I managed to get into shadow side about 3 times, a couple of other guys also, and we broke the phylactery several times with no luck. Ppl on the dragon side were dying, their gear was getting broken and they were running out of resources.  I didn’t want to give up, as it felt like such a waste to have gotten that far and not complete… but in the end I had to forfeit, it was not going to happen. Ppl were tired, not really working as a team, and the death lords kept insta killing ppl.

After the forfeit I posted for Fire on Thunder Peak, but after waiting 10 min with no more joiners, I decided to call it a night

So, there’s that, our first complete failure on EEraids night.

P.S. I believe we spent about 2.5 h in Deathwyrm before giving up. I really hate giving up when I’ve spent that long in a quest.


11 comments on “EEraids 12 – a failure

    • Yeah. I find it really hard to make the call, like I should think of my party and make the call to give up before everyone is out of resources, but I just want to finish.. and giving up is just not something I want to do.

      • well you should email me when you’re about to go run them, im not coming back until u26 but i would still like to get one more 20th before warlock 😛

      • I post for EE Deathwyrm every Saturday at 2pm EST, unless I have other plans and can’t play. This week I’ll be running, next I’m away.

        I also once in a while do teaching runs on Sundays, but they might be too slow for you.

      • the fast ones might be too slow for me as well but oh well 😛 also fuck deathwirm bring me in on fotp 😛 (yeah whatever i will help on deathwirm so we can get to what i want faster if need be, but ill moan like a cunt while doing it)

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