EEraids 15

Now, this was the 15th Saturday I posted for EEraids, Deathwyrm and Fire on Thunder Peak. I started posting for “byoh” and “know it” a couple of weeks ago, to try to avoid first timers. I have nothing against first timers, I just don’t think EE is the difficulty to learn. With exception for ppl I know well, that will be useful even if they don’t know the raid well. But, if I don’t know you, and you’ve never run the raid before… I will expect you to be nothing but a liability.

Anyway.. this time we did not get tower, but fought our way through red light/ green light. Tower is faster and a little bit easier, but I find that if I have a good group, that knows what to do, red light/ green light shouldn’t even be a challenge. Which it wasn’t. It was a bit slower, and we had a few deaths, but over all we got through it intact. The rest of the raid progressed quite smoothly, we found the phylactery on the second try, and killed the dragon on first. Jedli was tanking this time and as always did an excellent job.

As always, snapped a few screenies before I started looting.

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Well, what do you know

As you may know I epic reincarnated Maidae on Sunday. As always I checked my sagas first, eTR’d, collected my sagas and jumped to level 23 before doing my enhancements and gear. Then I switched toon to run Tower of Elemental Evil epic elite on Thaz. On Monday I ran Cerge and on Tuesday Jarvanna.. Wednesday I was going to run EE Web of Chaos on Maidae, but just after logging Stitchz sent me a party invite. I hesitated, but decided to see what he wanted. “Come ToEE”, says Stitchz. “I’m just eTR’d, I feel squishy, but ok.”, says I, then run to the quest.

I was the first in the group, but slowly we filled. I was highly surprised at Maidae’s performance. As I had eTR’d the primal sphere this time, I was running in Fury. I was hitting adrenaline somewhat often, and using my boosts and displacement.. and lo and behold, I was killing stuff and they were not hurting me much. I was keeping a close second in kills with Stitchz, who is a lvl 28 fvs (I think he’s 2 pally/ 18 fvs), and usually is quite good at killing stuff. Of course, there was no 1 or 2 hit kills for me, it still took me a while to drop the 14k hp trash mobs, but still. And my second surprise came when I started stunning stuff. I have no idea how that happened, as my stun dc is not that high.

I was the baby in the group at lvl 23, I think the bard was 25, the others 27-28

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Maidae eTR 4

Finally.. after being at cap for a number of weeks, I got around to epic reincarnating Maidae. She used to be able to keep up with Cerge when it comes to TRs and eTRs, but of late she’s been left behind. She’s done 3 martial eTRs, and now I decided to do her first primal.

The reincarnation grove in The Hall of Heroes in Eveningstar looks different from the one in Eberron.

Here are the before and after:
Before                                                               After

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The purple haze in Deathwyrm

In a previous blog I showed you the horrible purple in What Goes Up. As I today was running Deathwyrm with my Post Processing turned on at first, I decided to snap some pictures.

The first shadow side puzzle, with the video post processing turned on.

The same area with the post processing turned off.

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EEraids 14 – finally a success

Today I had a good group, and Jedli was back. I have to decide the roles and my part in the raids based on what kind of group I have, and today I decided that I was going to be tank healer in Deathwyrm. The raid went really smoothly, we had a total of 6 deaths only.. and the most time spent in the raid, was probably waiting for ppl, and then doing shadow side. It was a good group. Since I was spending the end fight mostly healing the tank, I didn’t get as many kills as usually, most my kills came from killing trash on the way through the raid.

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The mimic got impaled!

While I’m waiting for ppl to join my Deathwyrm lfm, I enjoy standing on the pyre in Thunder Peaks. Today I noticed this tragedy concerning my pet…

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How about some questing?

About 7 months ago, Cat decided to drop our static group on Cannith, leaving just me and Rilosa. As neither of us had a very strong toon at the time, I didn’t feel like we could manage with just the two of us, and since I had much better resources on Orien, I decided to move my toon there. This was Firetha, who was called Keronna on Cannith. A short while later Rilosa tells me he’s made a toon on Orien that he is leveling, and since me and sis were leveling our TRs, I told him he could join us if he wanted.. which he did. We don’t really run more than one night a week.. or me and sis do, Rilosa plays his toon a bit when we’re not on as well.

It has taken a long while for Jarvanna and Schoan to level, since we play so rarely.. but this week we were 17 and ready to take on the first Madness chain. I have only run this chain a few times before, and I’ve been commonly skipping it when TR’ing… so I felt a bit noobish in them. But things went better than expected, and we even managed to complete In the Flesh elite at level, with 3 players and 3 cleric hirelings. I generally dislike hirelings, but this time I brought one along just to be able to raise ppl if needed… as my toon can’t raise. 14 UMD is giving me 0% chance on raise scrolls. I recorded the runs, the first recording bugged somehow and I only have 2 min from Missing, the rest are recorded in full. I added the quest’s loading screen to the start, and stitched the quests together into just one file. See the result below.

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Hireling bug

I have experienced this before, just not mid questing without logging off in between. Yesterday when me, Schoan and Valdaynie were running Harbinger of Madness chain, the hireling suddenly bugged. When we exited Sinister Storage, instead of the hirelings leaving the party on exit as they’re supposed to, they stayed in party. The hirelings were not actually there, we could not see them, control them or kick them, but they took up their assigned party slots, and as we entered Fear Factory we could not re-summon them as the game told us they were already there. Check out the recording below.

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It’s all purple

I have been playing with my post-processing* setting turned off since Wheloon came out. I just couldn’t stand the purple, and with the post-processing turned off, it wasn’t as purple. Of course, it made it a bit tricky to know which side you were on when running Mirror Darkly, but anyway. Then my laptop that I was playing on broke, and I had Darth assemble a stationary for me. Yes, I know, assembling a PC isn’t really that hard, but I had paid for somewhat good stuff, and wasn’t really interested in trial and error. So, I let Darth do it, as he’s been playing around with hardware a lot more than I have.

Anyway, with the new computer, I didn’t remember to turn the post-processing off, and wasn’t even aware I had it on, until I ran Deathwyrm for the first time**. Shadow side was frickin purple and very hard to see.. but I took it as a challenge to fight my way through. But then… last weekend I ran What Goes Up.

When the Shadovars spawned, I could not see anything. Well, as you can see in the picture, I could make out a bit of the ground, and if you look closely, myself. The shadovars weren’t auto targeted, so I really couldn’t see them. I ran this quest first time with a group and second time solo. First time I wasn’t even able to locate a single shadovar before my party had killed them. I should have taken a picture of the world with the post-processing turned off for you to see the difference.

I am unsure of what the Turbine devs were thinking. Are we really supposed to play the game like this?

Note: I’m playing on very high (ultra high) graphics settings, I wonder what things look like for others with lower settings

That’s all, thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

*post-processing is a checkbox under Settings and Graphics.
**actually now that I think of it, I think the post-processing automatically turned back on in one of the patches, as I had it off on the new computer

The Phoenix

Remember how we changed our guild name to Phoenix clan not too long ago? Me and the guildies were talking, and Miri suggested “Born from the ashes”, and I said “well, that’s the phoenix”… and Urgan then suggested Phoenix clan.

Well, what I didn’t tell you was that before this, I had made an appointment to a local tattooist to get a new tattoo on my leg. Guess what image was going to get? Here’s the result.


P.S. This is my first color tattoo, and yes I wanted my phoenix to look more like a bird of prey than a peacock.