I wasn’t going to post this blog tonight.. I was just going to go to bed. But after logging off from ddo, reading my emails I felt just wired enough to want to write this.

I was reading on the ddo forums about lag last week and I could honestly say I had not noticed anything out of the ordinary. Then came this week and sort of had to retract my previous statement. The first thing I noticed was that the fighting scenes in the quests felt choppy, and my hits were not landing. Then as I was running Wheloon EE on Wednesday, things got really bad. For the first 3 quests I ran (with pug), pretty much each time we (or I) aggrod a group of mobs, we would freeze up. The mobs would still keep on attacking, we could still attempt to hit them or move, but we’d either only move one step every few seconds, or just be hitting in place unsure if we were hitting anything at all, and healing was impossible.

We made it to the end fight, then we froze over and over

By the 4th quest in the chain we were following tactics that I don’t usually do: don’t aggro everything, and kill everything that is aggrod. Normally I just jump into a crowd and start whacking at them.. but I had to try and slow down a little bit due to lag. We managed to finish the chain without any more really bad freezes.

On Thursday I was running Storms Horns with almost the same group and I decided from the start that instead of trying to invis anything and risking lag, we’ll just clean house, i.e. kill everything. We made it through Tracker’s trap somewhat ok.. but in Lines of Supply we froze again several times. The only thing that kept us from dying, was the cc.

In this picture you can see how I’m attempting to switch to a quarterstaff for my displace clicky (or I’m trying to switch back to my normal weapons), but it’s failing over and over, so I get “Greater Two Weapon Fighting” on my screen over and over.

Storms horns from what I can remember now did not freeze as many times as Wheloon did, but the lag was still ridiculous. On Wednesday I came close to just giving up and logging off. I hate that feeling, I love the game and want to keep playing. It really sucks when the performance issues instead of getting solved, are only getting worse. At least the event of the traveller just ended, and I’m hoping this will have a positive effect on lag.

That’s all from my, ty for stopping by.

P.S. I used “lag” and performance “issues” interchangeably in the blog. As I understand it, lag refers to latency, a delay in the communication between the server and the client and can be a result of a number of things. Performance issues mean in my mind almost the same, a server is running slow, the Internet lines are slowed because of something. In the end, I don’t know why the game is slowed and freezing up, but when it gets so bad that you just don’t want to play anymore, Turbine really needs to make solving the problems a priority.


3 comments on “Laaaag

  1. Dear god, I’ve never had this many lag/performance issues related problems on Orien before. I’m not sure what deal was, but man, the only thing that kept me playing through it sometimes was sheer tenacity and that I had a goal in mind for the night.. if I’d been a new or casual player, I’d have told the game to go stuff itself.

    That sort of thing is really bad for the health of the game in the long run… :-/

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