Planning Cerge’s next life

I wrote a blog a few days ago about my plans for Cerge’s next life. As you probably know by now, I like doing builds I’ve never done before, with main weapon different from before.. which means I don’t really use the stuff I got saved up for my toons that much. Well, Maidae’s first two lives were a handwraps monk, and after two lives in between she is currently using handwraps again and I’m liking it a lot. I mean to turn her into a handwraps build for her last life… when ever that is.

Anyway, Cerge. I have never played a paladin, unless you count the favor runs I did on Spikylicious. Spiky is my default bladeforged that made when the bladeforged first came out, and since then I’ve turned him into a bank toon that I did favor runs on. Doing favor on an iconic is so much easier than running on a vet 2, lol.

So, as I really don’t know how to build a good paladin.. that is one that is survivable, has dps to solo EEs, and can tank the dracolich in EE Deathwyrm. It was suggested to me to do a Vanguard S&B build.. and that I should do 18 paladin for the core enhancements. Ok, will do. As you know, I’ve been asking Short for advice, as well as on the forums, and Jedli pitched in a bit. Jedli’s suggestion was to do 2 fighter and to grab quicken, while Short suggested doing 1 cleric for better heals and scroll mastery.

When it comes to quicken.. my casters usually have it (although I swapped it out on my sorc on Darth’s suggestion), while my melees do not. If it’s a choice between quicken and empower heal, I always pick emp. heal. Now, can I manage without quicken on my pally? I do not know. I’ve decided to go with the build I posted in my previous blog (except for the enhancements, which I will adjust on live).. and may swap out a feat for quicken if I feel I really need it.

This will not be my only paladin build, as I mean to do 3 pally lives on Maidae as well for heal amp. My plans for my toons change a bit with the game, but the base idea is still the same, Cerge is meant to be my completionist caster, Maidae my monk, Thaz forever cleric. Firetha I’m thinking I’d like to turn into a palemaster caster, and will probably work on getting some caster lives on her. Jarvanna I don’t really have any plans for except for doing 3 druid past lives. I may consider doing some wolfie builds on her after that, but since we’re progressing so slowly, I can’t say how far we’ll get.

Ok, I’m done with the babbling. I mean to write a blog about the lag we’ve experienced on Orien this week, but I have the pictures at home.. so will do that later.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

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3 comments on “Planning Cerge’s next life

    • Oh yes. I was running Storms Horns yesterday and I told the party that it’s best we kill everything, because else we could end up lagging badly. In Lines of Supply we failed to complete one of the optionals because we lagged out and the cc ended. We had two guys able to dance the mobs, so because of that we didn’t die, but lagtastic is the word.

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