EEraids 10 – recorded this time

This week the raid group filled quite fast. I even ended up having to turn a couple of ppl down, which was odd. I helped Wanzer flag while we were waiting, and suddenly I had a full group and we could start. Things were going really well until the end fight started. We got as far as shadows spawning, 3 of us went over to the shadow side, and suddenly everyone was dead. Genlisea tried to use Jack Jibber’s sword, but for some reason it failed. I asked the party if they were up for trying again, and everyone stayed.

On attempt 2, I put two ppl’s on taking care of battle rangers before we went over to the shadow side. There are several ways to deal with the rangers, but after I learned that they fall off the edge if they go too close, we’ve made sure they do before we continue. Other options would be to have someone either kite them, tank them, or as I learned last night, you can hang off the side of the door and keep them there. Anyway, it is an important part of the raid, to make sure the rangers are out of the way. Killing them is pointless as they have lots of hp and only respawn again.

This week I also assigned 3 ppl on death lords, and I had another cleric healing the tank, while I was leading the shadow side. Dragon side was doing a real good job with keeping the trash under control.. the issue we were having was that the real phylactery was not showing it’s face. After going in one by one for a while, I suggested we start prepping 3. First attempt failed due to miscommunication, second try was a bust, but on the 3rd we got it.. after which we could progress the raid. We finished after 86 min, with 28 deaths and 694 monsters killed. A bit slow, but that was because of the phylactery. Other than that it was a good run.

Then on to Fire on Thunder Peak. I don’t have much to say about this run. I had a couple of dragon kiters, ppl listened, and we progressed the raid somewhat quickly. I think the biggest issue we had was when the purple named earth ellies spawned. We hit instant red alert and ppl were focusing on killing trash at first, as well as kiting the ellies around. We still got them down in decent amount of time and some minutes later finished the raid after 30 min with 22 deaths and 295 monsters killed.

That is all I have for you for this week. I was hoping to do some MoD runs, but I didn’t want to post for it myself and Short was busy, so I logged off instead.

That is all I have for you, thank you for stopping by and have a great day.


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