Cerge eTR 5

On Sunday (April 12) I wasn’t in any hurry to log on to ddo after waking up… and when I finally did I decided to eTR Cerge. I spent some time doing that, doing enhancements and quickbars while I was chatting a bit.

Here are Cerge’s before and after pics, as you can see I didn’t change him too much.

Cerge before eTR                                               Cerge after eTR

Then I decided to get going. I posted for Lords of Dust chain EE.. and quite quickly got a group. The group had interest in running more, so we ended up running LoD chain, all three Eveningstar chains (Caught in the web flagging), Don’t drink the water and Belly of The Beast. During the last quest, Reclaiming the Rift, I suddenly noticed that I only had 15 minutes left on my 5 hour ship buffs. I cannot remember that happening before, lol. So I spent 5h questing etc. without once going back to the ship. And I always go by the ship!

Checking Cerge’s stats during the end fight in LoD

I had a good day of ddo and logged off around 9pm

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

P.S. Cerge was less than 300k from level 25 when I logged off.


9 comments on “Cerge eTR 5

    • 🙂 thanks. His old hair cut was long in the back, now he’s got the pony tail that’s pointing straight back. I tried giving him a different color before, but I hated it, I like him the best in blond hair and green eyes. He’s a sun elf and there isn’t much choice in skin tone.

    • O.o

      Don’t let Cerge hear you say that.

      😛 Cerge is my only male toon.. well that I play anyway. He started out as a warforged, and I just felt like a wf should not be female.

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