EEraids 8th Saturday

I posted for EEraids at about 5 to 2pm EST this Saturday, told in channel and then spent some time running around my guild ship looking for useful stuff, crafting and vendors (Osi placed most of the amenities). Half an hour later I added the quest to the lfm, and waited another 20 minutes before I had the first joiner. I was so bored at this point that I was ready to start with just two, I got the first puzzle done when we were over run by trash and wiped. At this point we had one more joiner so we restarted with 3, and before I had finished the first puzzle, ppl started hitting the lfm.

Before we hit the shrine room we had a full party, but ended up waiting for a couple of ppl to get there before we jumped through and locked the raid. I was very pleased at ppl listening to me. I wasn’t quite sure who to put on dragon, but decided on Eldrazi, Tybrya on rangers, Penutimate and Fuamatu on death lords and the rest of us would do shadow side. As always, only a few of us jumped to shadow side, and the rest of the party started dying on the dragon side. To speed the raid up, I usually only want a few ppl on the dragon side, dragon tank and a couple of ppl to kill death lords (they do a lot of damage if they’re allowed to run rampage). We got lucky this time, though, and we found the right phylactery on the second shadow spawn, and then could focus on finishing the raid.

Thaz killing shadows on the shadow side

The dracolich

I think the two things required for this raid is dps and self sufficiency. I throw a heal here and there, but in general ppl who join need to be able to heal themselves. Death lords kill ppl with dots and disintegrate, and they can also hold you if you don’t have freedom of movement. Most of them are blurred, so you need true seeing to reduce miss chance.

As far as I’m aware, only the center chest drops named items. This is what I got this time.

Then I posted for Fire on Thunder Peak as normally. I used to be highly intimidated by running this raid EE, but I’ve learned that it’s a lot easier than Deathwyrm. The problem tonight? Lag. As far as I can remember, we’ve never lag wiped in this raid before during EEraids, but tonight… During the first run, suddenly everything froze. Not the normal lag where you’re just not hitting anything while the mobs still continue to hit you, but the whole party froze and everything was just moving in place. I saw the dragon walk in place and Weii or someone try to move out of the way. When the connection symbol hit red, I knew we were all dead, even though I couldn’t see it yet.

The raid froze completely, and the connection symbol turned red. About half the party dc’d, or relogged at this point.

So, we repaired and restarted. I lost a couple of ppl so I put the lfm up and they were replaced. We waited a bit, tried again… and oh the joy, lag wipe again.

At this point I was so ready to call it, but as I hate giving up, I decided to give it one more try. I put the lfm up again, got a few new ppl and was ready to give it one last try. Third’s the charm and this time we managed to run the raid without lag wiping. It was still a tough run with a lot of deaths, but we pulled through and finished.

The female dragon

I spend a big part of the raid just kiting trash mobs and raising ppl, while trying to get a few dots in on the dragons as well. Usually I have so much stuff on me that stopping isn’t an option. I do raise anyone I can find as soon as I can, though.

Killing trash after the raid is done

That is all folks. Thank you for stopping by and happy raiding.


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