EEraids take 7

I hope I’m not boring you all with these posts. 🙂 Of late I don’t do a whole lot of raiding, except for the EEraids on Saturday, usually at 2pm EST (the time was changed because of Deathwyrm). This Saturday I felt confident in the group I had for Deathwyrm, I had dps and everything seemed fine… until the 6th puzzle, when lag hit us and we pretty much wiped (maybe 2 ppl survivied). I suggested a restart, as when you lag in there it tends to stay with you, and a restart gives you a different instance… so we restarted. Try two was much better, and even though we ended up with the red light/ green light room, we managed pretty well. We had had no issue in the bone guardian room, and only a few minor lag spikes, but no big issues… until it came to doing the shadow room in the end fight. I lost count how many times we beat one down, we even tried prepping three, and yet the darn real phylactery did not want to show its face.

After making good time til the end fight, and having decent dps, we just could not find the real phylactery and I started worrying about a wipe, since ppl were dying and low on resources. But then, after a painful long end fight (Stitchz tells me he tanked the dragon for 40 min), Justus found the phylactery and we were able to finish the raid. The whole thing over 1.5 h. The goal is to do it in under an hour.

Even though we were tired, I wanted to do Fire on Thunder Peak. I had a few joiners with less than 600 hp, but for this raid, especially with a few stronger characters, it didn’t worry me much. Generally I want everyone who joins to have at least 700, but I didn’t feel like waiting, and I trusted in some of the joiners, so I let the low hp ppl stay. We had a few rough moments with the trash, but other than that the run was pretty standard.

Anywho, that’s all from this week. I was tired after the runs and didn’t feel like running MoD. Maybe next time.


3 comments on “EEraids take 7

    • 🙂 I only tried posting for one and there wasn’t any interest, but sure, if I can get ppl to join, I can post for learning runs. Would bring Cerge or Maidae for those, though.

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