Aaaand… we have a new name

I was talking with the guildies, or maybe it was just Urgan, about Osi leaving me the guild a month or more ago. One request was that we change the guild name, and he wasn’t the only one who asked for that. Sure says I. As soon as I have lead of the guild, I can change the name. I started asking for guild name ideas, but it was only a few days ago or so that I started coming up with my own ideas, and throwing it back and forth a bit between the guildies.

I had a name three ppl liked, but then one guy said no. Some names I said no to right away. Then yesterday, while thinking about Jedli’s suggestion, we started thinking about something to do with a rebirth of the guild with a new leader and a new name. And hence we came up with our current name. See the screenies below.

🙂 I guess Caergoth chose the wrong default message when he closed the ticket, but no matter, I knew what he meant anyway.

That’s all folks, thank you for stopping by. I’m very excited about the new name, and the new beginning.

P.S. In case you missed it somehow. When the phoenix bird is about to die, he starts to burn and is then reborn from the ashes. So, the phoenix is a great symbol for rebirth.


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