Finally got my videos done

After epic reincarnating Maidae on Monday, sorting her gear and quickbars I wanted to make some solo EE videos. Or one video at first, but then changed my mind and wanted to do two: Lords of Dust and The Snitch. I started with Lords of Dust. This is a quest I know well and have run many times… but for some reason I wasn’t prepared to get hit with fear. On the first run I got as far as the death knights, then I got hit with fear over and over, and couldn’t progress. Fear causes your to become helpless, you can run around (if I recall you can also use pots which you can not when truly helpless), but you can’t hit or cast spells (like cocoon). On the second run I got as far as the first caster and got hit with fear again, so decided to slot fear immunity before trying again.

I tried again a day or so later, and finally got a recording, only to learn that I hadn’t set Bandicam to only record mic on push to talk.. so it had recorded all sounds, which was a lot of key klicks. I wasn’t happy with it, so decided to make another one a day or two later. Next try I tested the sound before running the quest, and thought I had everything right.. recorded my run of the quest, logged off, checked the video.. and noticed that this time I had no game sounds in the video, only mic when I had used my push to talk. Meh. So, still not happy with it. I did some testing and learned that I needed to have my computer’s default sound on heaset for Bandicam to record the game sounds… when audio set on Win8.1 sounds.

Finally almost a week later I finally got my video done, but noticed that my mic was a lot louder than the game sounds. I considered redoing it, but didn’t feel like it, so adjusted my mic volume for the next quest instead, which was the Snitch. I had some issues in the Snitch, I was trying to run as fast as I could, and somehow I could not get the one valve to unlock for me to progress the quest, so recalled to try again. Second try I was messing about too much, trying to figure out why the valve was locked last time, so managed to kill myself. Same with try no 3. Finally on the 4th try I managed to run the quest without doing something too stupid, and I got my recordning.


That is all I have for you for this time, thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

P.S. Except for working on the videos, I did not run Maidae at all this week


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