More EEraids

Aaaaand we’re back again. It was Saturday and the plan was to run EE Deathwyrm, EE Fire on Thunder Peak and then eH Mark of Death to work our way up to EE. Deathwyrm was filling very slowly, but after a while I had enough ppl to feel confident in starting. But oh man, I hadn’t played Thaz in 2 weeks… I had completely forgotten what buffs to use, what spells to use and where I have everything in my quickbars. Took me a good while to get comfortable running her again.. and I died 3 times. Today we had some issues with the bone guardian. On eN, we usually just focus dps on the guardian and take him out before he can drain trash.. but on EE I’ve been playing it safe and killing the trash to avoid him draining something. But tonight, every time I called “trash, stop dps on guardian”… he drained something. Next time I’ll just tell ppl to go full dps on guardian.. and if he manages to drain something, I’ll go back to telling ppl to kill trash. The raid was a bit slower than last time, and ppl died a bit too much, but still faster than the first run.. and this time we didn’t have Stitchz.

Fire on Thunder Peak was pretty much like the previous runs. I think we can do it a lot faster if ppl just focus on the right tasks. Tonight I ended up kiting the female dragon + two magmas for a good long while during the +300% to damage phase. I kept running in a circle worried that the dragon was gonna kill me if I stop.. waiting for someone to grab her off me, but that didn’t happen… well not for a while anyway. I think this was the first fotp run where I was running in Exalted Angel, and didn’t die. Yay me.

After the EE runs, as said, the plan was to do eH MOD. The problem was that we didn’t have any cc.. and the higher the difficulty the more hp the mobs have. Which means that we did have some problems with the beholder… well and lag. The first attempt was a miserable failure. Second run we were doing a lot better, then something went haywire and we failed again. So I suggested we just do a quick eN.. but at that point we were only 7, and too few self sufficient dps. Ppl were dying. We didn’t even get to the death knights bit before wiping… so I decided to give up for the night. Was too tired anyway.

Ok, that’s all folk, ty for stopping by and have a great day.

4 comments on “More EEraids

      • Oh, I understand. But on the same token, there’s also a very big difference between “learning” and “epic elite.” ^_^

        …which is why my Shuricannon just poked Thaz in Locksmith Square instead of joining the LFM. He’d have been facepaste in EE. 😀

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