Looking at Thazara’s gear again

I keep adjusting my toons gear, but Thaz’s more than the others. Why? Because she’s the only one that will never TR, so the gear I find/make/ choose for her will still work after the next epic reincarnation.. unless I find something better. Ok, so here’s the latest gear setup:

Goggles: Epic Glimpse of the Soul, augments: Topaz of Striding +30%, Topaz of Fear Immunity
Head: Epic Elite Helm of the Blue Dragon, ability bonus: Insightful Wisdom +3, augments: Topaz of Power +250
Neck: Epic Noxious Embers, augments: Diamond of Heal +15, Diamond of Insightful Intelligence +2
Trinket: Greater Cunning Trinket (before buffing), Epic Litany of the Dead (after buffing)
Armor: Thunderforged Heavy Armor, augments: Globe of True Imperial Blood, Sapphire of Spell Agility +15
Cloak: Supreme Tyrant Green Steel Weave Cloak of Mineral (+45 hp)
Bracers: Dumathoin’s Bracers, augment: Sapphire of False Life +40
Belt: Epic Belt of Thoughtful Rememberance, augment: Diamond of Spellcraft +15
Ring 1 (always on): Epic Elite Ring of Shadows, augment: Topaz of Greater Evocation
Boots: Supreme Tyrant Green Steel Goggles of Concordant Opposition (Blindness Immunity, +150 sp)
Gloves: Iron Mitts, augment: Diamond of Insightful Constitution +2
Ring 2 (possibly swap): Lantern Ring, augment: Good Luck +2, Vitality +20
Main hand: Thunder-Forged scepter with Dwarvencraft Impulse, Dwarvencraft Evocation Focus, Dwarvencraft Kinetic Lore, augments: Meridian Fragment
Offhand: Libram of Silver Magic, augment: Ruby of Devotion +138

And here’s Thaz’s stats, fully buffed. Though I seemed to hit wisdom 68 when I activated Ascendance.

I also redid her ED (Exalted Angel) and swapped out spell penn for Blood and radiance and Rebuke foe.

Alright folks, thank you for stopping by and happy hunting.

12 comments on “Looking at Thazara’s gear again

  1. I’m thinking… I should switch gauntlets to Iron Mitts, make con op boots, switch goggles to Epic Glimpse of the Soul and offhand back to libram. Then I need to adjust my augments a bit and slot in striding. But that should boost my spell power a little and boost crit chance.

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