EEraids: our first Deathwyrm

I had been in EE Deathwyrm twice before, both runs hosted by Stormsz, so I wasn’t completely new to this raid. But, I need to learn to be stricter with ppl, and make sure they’re contributing to the group enough, as things quickly become difficult when ppl are piking or dying too much.

This week I posted for EE Deathwyrm at 2pm EST and this time we managed to run it without lag. I had a few of the ppl I know well join me, and some that I didn’t know that well. Some were not quite ready for it, and we had a lot of problems in the end fight to keep the death lords down. Tactics needed to be readjusted and I ended up sitting on shadow side just killing shadows, instead of healing the tank, which I had wanted to do. Jedli was tanking the dragon, and he did an excellent job, managed without heals. In the end I suggested the archers focus on dps’ing the dragon and a few of the melees group up and take out the death lords one at a time. This worked a bit better. The run took 131 minutes to finish, and was very tiresome, but at least we finished.

I was very tired after the run, or I was tired already when we started and now I felt exhausted… but still wanted to do a Fire on Thunder Peak run. I posted and got most of the ppl form the Deathwyrm run. I would have wanted to get some stronger characters in, but as it turns out, this group did a lot better in fotp. We were a bit slow, but got stuff done and finished this run in 46 min.

This was run 4 of Fire on Thunder Peak, and I feel like I’m getting the hang of it. Deathwyrm still needs a bit work to get smoother, and I need more regulars. I am starting to feel more confident about the runs, though, and I hope to do many more. The goal is to do Mark of Death EE, but currently we are far from ready for it.

That’s all for this time, thank you for stopping by and have a great day.


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