EE raids?

I posted a thread on the DDO forums about a week ago:  I have always strived towards running more EE raids, but the highest level EE raids have felt a bit out of reach. The only guild on the server that would run them was OR, and OR is pretty inactive currently. Matrix has started running them a bit of late though, so I’ve joined a couple of their EE Deathwyrm runs. I would like to get some ppl together and start running EE raids regularly. I like things scheduled, and since I don’t have a big enough group of guildies to join me, I decided to pitch the idea on the forums.

My idea is to get some EE ready ppl together and start running these raids on a weekly basis. I will continue to run the raids at a lower difficulty or teaching runs at other times, but the one time a week we’d do the highest difficulty available and hopefully succeed. But to succeed we need the right mixture of players and toons. I could accept non capped toons, but the best gear and weapons happen to be ml27-28, so I’d prefer to only take capped toons with lvl 27-28 gear. The participants should have run the raids a few times before and have a basic understanding of what needs to be done and what not to do. This is because things tend to get a lot more difficult if ppl are running around like headless chicken when things go sideways. I expect things to get hard, so I need ppl to keep a clear head and do what needs to be done. I’d also prefer to not have any “pikers”, at least not until I’m sure we can afford it dps wise. Piker refers to anyone who is not pulling their weight in the raid. Things are much smoother and easier if everyone contributes.

If you are on Orien and would like to start joining these raids, feel free to send me a pm in game, on the forums, comment here or on the forums, or use the contact form on this blog to send me an email. I also created a channel for these raids, if you’re interested in running with us, feel free to join the channel (channel information in the thread on the forums).

Thank you for stopping by and happy hunting

P.S. I plan to do the first post today (Jan 24th), but after that I might miss the next 3 Saturdays due to a friend visiting. If he doesn’t mind me playing, I might do the raids anyway, but I can’t promise anything.



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