Is ddo dying?

I’m sitting on the train while writing this, so let’s hope I don’t make too many mistakes, lol. It’s still a couple of hours til I get off, so got some time to kill.

The Players Council (PC) 2014 is officially over and the application period for 2015 has begun. I’m excited to see who they pick this time and if anything will change. How do I feel about it all? I’m both sad and relieved it’s over. I was very excited at the start of the PC 2014, but quite quickly became a cynic and lost my drive. Part of it was the internal fighting, part of it that I didn’t feel like our ideas were listened to. I really wanted to see an improvement to bug reporting and I pitched an idea that was quickly shot down.

About ddo, the last year has been rather rough. Some bugs were allowed to run rampage and we lost a lot of players. Yet, I keep meeting ppl who say they’ve only been playing a short while so I still think ddo will survive a few more years. The devs seem to be developing new stuff still, and there seem to be plans for the game for this year. Of course things are not as they were, and part of me is missing the good old days when cap was 20.

In other news, Osi quit the game. Technically he started this progress months ago, he stopped TRing and would only log to do guild management and to do raid night with me. He kind of lost interest in raid night as well. Last Saturday he announced that he’s leaving and he made me successor of the guild. He also had deleted all other toons but Osi. He didn’t resign his leadership, though, but I’ll have to wait til his lead expires due to inactivity. The guildies and I talked a bit, and we’d like to change the guild name… which I can do when I get lead. I will let the guildies come up with suggestions, maybe I’ll put it up for vote. We’ll see.

Is ddo dying? I would say yes, just not any time soon. Every game has an expiry date, though.

That’s all for now, thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

P.S. If you missed it, I plan to start posting for high level EE raids on Saturdays at 5pm EST on Orien. If you got an EE ready lvl 28 toon and you’re interested in joining, hit me up


2 comments on “Is ddo dying?

  1. I actually don’t think DDO is dying. DDO also has the potential to go through a revival as many old players are now returning and there is a stream of new players, brought in mainly by Steam. If DDO is marketed properly and solves its major technical issues, the game has a long life ahead of it. Even though DDO is an older MMO, it doesn’t have much real competition as Neverwinter Online, Elder Scrolls Online, and other new fantasy MMOs have been major disappointments.

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