Capped ma toons

I’ve been leveling Thaz, Maidae and Cerge at the same time, running the same EE sags on all three. Cerge and Maidae ran elite streak til cap.

Cerge capped when finishing his sagas with EE What Goes Up

Maidae did the same sagas, but for some reason she was a bit behind on xp, so I finished up her xp by running von3

And Thaz capped in von6. Thaz was still a mil from capping when finishing her sagas, so I did some necro 4, wiz king and the von raid before hitting cap on her. So now, I got four toons at 28. I think I want to do some raids, and maybe record some vids before eTR’ing again. I plan to eTR all three.

🙂 that’s all folks.



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