Happy New Year 2015!

As you know, my laptop broke. This was my own computer that I bought ~4 years ago, a multimedia computer. It wasn’t as good as I had hoped, I kept complaining about it’s shitty cpu, but it worked for it’s purpose… even though it lacked ssd. On Christmas Day when I got up, the computer would just not boot. I got no picture on screen at all, even though the fan turned on etc. After a bit of a panic and talking with Darth, I went out and bought an external box for the laptop’s harddrive, and fetched my work laptop from the office. Then I spent the rest of the day backup’ing files off the hd (which wasn’t broken), and trying to get ddo to run on my work computer.  As I was working Boxing Day, I ended up not having time to play at all on Christmas Day, because everything else just took too long.

I like using the same preferences file when I switch computer, and it’s always a bit of a problem to get it working.. usually it’s because of DirectX.. the one in the file doesn’t match the one on your computer, or ddo doesn’t recognize your computer’s DirectX.. which is what happened this time. In the end.. after a long hustle I got ddo running again. I also tried to figure out what was wrong with the other comp, and I thought I had it figured out when I got it to boot once… only to have it not work the next time I tried to boot it. I preferred to play ddo than to play with a broken computer. I did order parts for a new stationary gaming computer, so soonish I don’t have to use the work laptop anymore.

Ok, onwards to ddo. I’ve been taking advantage of the Christmas and New Years xp bonus, and have been leveling my toons. I eTR’d Thazara November 24, TR’d Cerge October 19 and TR’d Maidae October 26. It took me a while to get going with them.. I wasn’t playing Thaz at all after eTR, and I did favor runs on the other two before even starting to xp. Well then Cerge and Maidae hit 20, I decided to run heroic elite Storms Horns to get them to 21 and then started doing sagas. I was running the same sagas on Thaz as well. I run sagas EE for the most xp.  The chains I do are (possibly in this order): Lords of Dust, Eveningstar chains x3, Druid’s chain, High Road, Gianthold, Wheloon and Storms Horns. Thaz got to 26 and hasn’t done the two higher level chains yet.. Cerge is working on GH and Maidae should do GH next. I also realized that I had forgotten to flag for ADQ, so I flagged Cerge for it ee yesterday, I still need to do Maidae.

So, yes, I’ve been running the same ee sagas on 3 toons at the same time. I switch toon every other day or so, to keep them at about the same level, with the same sagas done. I’ve left Thaz for a bit, as I’m working on getting the other two to the same place in their sagas, lol. Oh, and I’ve had to stop in between to check their gear.. and try to keep their gear level appropriate, which helps with the questing. Ok, now, on to the screenies.

First Maidae.. I didn’t seem to have that many screenies of her.

1. Me and Tubal ended up 2-manning Sschindylryn (Niv joined for final), and it went much better than I’d expected. 2. Maidae working away on one of the druids in Thorn and Paw

And the Cerge… much more screenies.


1. Boom! Fightng Flamefang. 2. Cerge’s best source of healing is the Ameliorating Strike

1. I never realised that the end boss in The Battle for Eveningstar is female.


1. string table error – hey I found one. 2. Earthquake!


1. I got him cornered! 2. I’ll tank him, k?

🙂 Okidoke, that’s some from my Christmas-New Years. I did run Thaz on Christmas Eve, but I decided to only post screenies I had on my work computer.

Thank you for stopping by and a Happy New Year 2015.


2 comments on “Happy New Year 2015!

  1. Sounds productive Micki!! 🙂 I’ve been trying to take advantage of the experience bonus as well with Erd, hitting levels 12 and 13 on his latest heroic life :).

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