Nearing the end of the Players Council 2014

It has soon been a year since the Players Council 2014 was selected and our season started. I would like to do a short blog about the experience, my likes and dislikes.

The Players Council was not exactly what I expected. I thought we would be a discussion group that would be discussing and debating possible development plans for the game. I also thought there would be a level of participation required to be on the PC. Instead, we had some ppl that were very vocal and posting their own ideas about future development, and others that rarely posted at all. Sometimes we were asked about numbers, which I could not answer, so only some of the PC members could really actively participate in those discussions…  other times we got to vote on what monsters to put in the next update.

At time there was very little dev interaction, other times one or more devs were actively discussing with us, like in some of the loot threads. I think I enjoyed those the most, as I felt I could participate there. I don’t know the numbers well enough to be able to offer an educated response to other changes, but when it comes to loot I can look at what I like, don’t like and what I believe my fellow players would like. Same with other changes to gear and items. Not so much when it comes to character specifics and numbers.

What I enjoyed about being on the council was being able to discuss with the devs about the game and the future plans. I would have loved it if they would have used us more in that department. What I didn’t like was some of the inside bickering. I thought the PC would be different from the public forums, but at times I saw no difference, and I did not enjoy being there. I feel the PC and Turbine has ways to go still before this will work as intended, and I hope next years council get a different experience than we did.

I wish you all good luck and a Happy 2015.

P.S. Some links:

The 2014 DDO Players Council Member List
DDO Players Council FAQ and NDA
2014 DDO Players Council: Update #1

P.P.S. I do not know when exactly they will start the search for the Players Council 2015… but I’d expect it to be soonish

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4 comments on “Nearing the end of the Players Council 2014

  1. I’m too surprised that the Player’s Council had some rough spots to over come, especially with 2014 being the first year’s of its use. I hope the future interactions between the Player’s Council and Developers will continue to increase and get better as the game moves forward.

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