This talk about champions

I got eaten by a rat. A CR49 umbral rat with a crown over his head. This weekend I started playing Thaz again, after her 3rd eTR a few weeks ago. Yeah, I haven’t played her since, which is unusual for me. As always, I want to do ee sagas while I’m leveling, so I have the sagas done when I hit cap, and can eTR again.

Champions were added to the game in U24 and there has been a lot of discussion about them. At first, a lot of ppl thought the champions were too many and that they were doing too much damage, which I agreed with to some extent. I thought they were too many, because I thought they were supposed to be rare.. and I thought some of them were doing too much damage, because they were hitting harder than the toughest bosses we have. Then the champions were “nerfed”; the numbers were reduced, and their damage lowered. And ppl were complaining again, that now the champions weren’t noticeable enough.

I tend to run quests under level. Not sure how that happened, it just did. I’m often running EE’s 2-4 levels under the quest level, because I want to progress my sagas, while I’m leveling, and not really do a whole lot extra.. unless I need the xp. In heroics, when I level Maidae or Cerge, I usually don’t run much under level, while my druid is doing a lot under level.

Champions for me.. in heroics some of them took a bit longer to kill, some were doing enough damage for me to notice. But in general the champions didn’t bother me much… which means I’m fine with them. In epics pretty much the same, most of the champions didn’t bother me much, but in the high road it meant I had to pay attention to them or I’d get killed. I did feel like I was dying more than usual, but it could also have been because I was just too tired to pay attention.

I’m slowly working on my epic TR’s, and heroic TR’s, and I’m not really in need to have my progression slowed by more difficult monsters. If they were giving a nice xp bonus, then they would be worth my time, but currently I’m just happy they don’t slow me down more.

That’s really all I have to say about them.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

P.S. The picture is from EE A stay at the Inn, the end fight in the basement.


7 comments on “This talk about champions

  1. I like how champions pull your party out of predictability since they are powerful enough to threaten your weaker members and require your team to adjust. But when too many appear, things do get weird. It would be better if the champions gave an XP bonus for their trouble. Otherwise, they can often be too harassing.

  2. Yeah, I feel the same about monster champions in many ways. They haven’t really bothered me on heroics as of yet. I don’t really play to many epic elite quests so I haven’t experienced their wrath in those yet. The other day though, I came across an epic champion pudding in Threnal…I’m wondering if some monsters should be excluded from being a champion.

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