Trying out the U24 quests

I didn’t run the U24 (see U24 release notes here) quests on the day of release, mostly because I just didn’t have a toon at the right level that I wanted to run, and I wanted to focus on the stuff I was doing. After I finished flagging for Shroud on Maidae on Sunday, I suggested to the group that we run the new chain, heroic elite (me and 2 other lvl 18’s). A wizard joined us on the lfm. I don’t think any of us knew the quests, or what to expect. We started with Palace of Stone.

Of the chain, this quest wasn’t that bad. We died some in the traps, we died some from some rocks, but we got through it. The DM was pretty annoying, though, and I might turn off the DM sound if I run this quest a lot.

Then we did Fashion Madness.

At first the quest seemed fine… then we found a group of mobs in the corner, that when aggo’d… well we suddenly had red alert, more mobs than we could handle and died over and over. Lucky for us the mobs reset if pulled too far, and there was a shrine in the room, so by splitting up the mobs and taking them on a few at a time, we got the mobs down and were able to continue. Heading down into the sewers, I managed to run into a crowd of mobs and we had some more deaths, but in the end we got through without too much hassle, or well in my opinion.

The last quest in the chain, Terminal Delirium, we also entered without much knowledge. I had watched some clips of it on YouTube, so I knew sort of what needed to be done, just not where or how to do it. Our wizard left after a couple of deaths in the first room, and was replaced by a bard. We struggled through the balloon puzzle, headed for mirror, killed the medusa, entered the mirror room… and died over and over. After we wiped, all the mobs in the room respawned and went into some kind of rage mode. We decided to forfeit, as it didn’t seem to be possible to continue from there.

I decided to finish with the last new quest, Mask of Deception. This quest is a little bit easier than the Madness chain, but it has a lot of traps and mobs. I got dead a few times from one of the casters, while the traps didn’t bother me. If I recall I pulled the Blazing Sun.

Yesterday I went back in and ran EE Terminal Delirium and EE Mask of Deception on Firetha with group. We struggled a bit in Delirium, most of it in the mirror room, but we got through it. In Mask of Deception, the champions killed me a few times, so I ended up just avoiding them. I got the Epic Blazing Sun from this run.

That’s all folks, I tried to not do too many spoilers.



2 comments on “Trying out the U24 quests

  1. I still have yet to get into the new quests. They are actually within a level range that I’m void of characters right now…once I get a character in those ranges I will have to check them out!!

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