Another hiccup concerning Cerge

So, Cerge is a cleric fighter (9 cleric/ 8 fighter/ 3 monk) this life. I wanted to do a dual wielding blades build, and got some help from a friend to create one (see the result here) . The idea was to focus on heavy blades… but after TR’ing and leveling up to 15, I realised that I need 8 fighter levels to get One with the Blade that keeps you centered with non monk weapons. I would have 8 levels at level 20, so until then I’d have to use some other weapon. As I am slashing weapons focused, and ninja spy enhancements allow you to use short swords, I decided to use short swords until level 20.

Well, Cerge just got to 20, I reset his kensei enhancements and chose heavy blades… only to realise that rapiers are not heavy blades but light, and that scimitars that are on the heavy blades list still uncenter me. So, if I stay with heavy blades, the only type of weapon I’ll be able to use will be longswords. My plan was to use balizarde as soon as I have the levels for it, but balizarde is a rapier. I think I will just have to change back to light blades and use rapiers and shortswords. Light blades gives me more options than heavy blades does, especially since I’m a dual wielder.

Thank’s all folks. Thank you for stopping by.

P.S. Bug report submitted about kensei heavy blades uncentering with scimitars.


3 comments on “Another hiccup concerning Cerge

  1. Hey Micki, you mentioned that you are slashing weapons focus and that you decided to use shortswords until level 20 however shortswords are piercing weapons and not slashing, unless you are using the Sunblade. Sounds like you might be better off focusing on piercing weapons to be able to use shortswords and rapiers with the Light Blades Kensai enhancement.

    • ah. darn it. You’re right. Daggers, shortswords and rapiers are all piercing weapons, and Cerge has 4 feats focused on slashing weapons.. 😦

      Guess it means I have to LR to fix it.

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