Nearing the end of the Players Council 2014

It has soon been a year since the Players Council 2014 was selected and our season started. I would like to do a short blog about the experience, my likes and dislikes.

The Players Council was not exactly what I expected. I thought we would be a discussion group that would be discussing and debating possible development plans for the game. I also thought there would be a level of participation required to be on the PC. Instead, we had some ppl that were very vocal and posting their own ideas about future development, and others that rarely posted at all. Sometimes we were asked about numbers, which I could not answer, so only some of the PC members could really actively participate in those discussions…  other times we got to vote on what monsters to put in the next update.

At time there was very little dev interaction, other times one or more devs were actively discussing with us, like in some of the loot threads. I think I enjoyed those the most, as I felt I could participate there. I don’t know the numbers well enough to be able to offer an educated response to other changes, but when it comes to loot I can look at what I like, don’t like and what I believe my fellow players would like. Same with other changes to gear and items. Not so much when it comes to character specifics and numbers.

What I enjoyed about being on the council was being able to discuss with the devs about the game and the future plans. I would have loved it if they would have used us more in that department. What I didn’t like was some of the inside bickering. I thought the PC would be different from the public forums, but at times I saw no difference, and I did not enjoy being there. I feel the PC and Turbine has ways to go still before this will work as intended, and I hope next years council get a different experience than we did.

I wish you all good luck and a Happy 2015.

P.S. Some links:

The 2014 DDO Players Council Member List
DDO Players Council FAQ and NDA
2014 DDO Players Council: Update #1

P.P.S. I do not know when exactly they will start the search for the Players Council 2015… but I’d expect it to be soonish

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Sometimes I pay for stuff

I very rarely go out to bars or restaurants, I don’t gamble and I don’t spend money on vacation travels, so I don’t feel too bad if I once in a while put some money on DDO. DDO is one of my pleasures and we all gotta have something, no?

So there was +6 tomes in the store the other day (maybe they are still there, I haven’t checked), and tomes were 25% off. I had not too long bought some extra TP… and the TP I buy is meant for tomes and storage, mostly, sometimes augments (when I want an augment NAU, and I can’t be bothered to wait and see if someone else might have it). I decided to get +6 tomes for Thaz, Maidae and Cerge. Thaz got a few upgrade tomes, the ones she was missing, while I got both Cerge and Maidae a supreme +6. Why would I do this? Because it’s a permanent upgrade of my toon that I can do right away, that doesn’t involve lots and lots of TR’ing. TR’s will come, but I wanted these tomes now.

I don’t have completionist, or epic completionist.. yet… but I have +6 to all stats now. \o/

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

This talk about champions

I got eaten by a rat. A CR49 umbral rat with a crown over his head. This weekend I started playing Thaz again, after her 3rd eTR a few weeks ago. Yeah, I haven’t played her since, which is unusual for me. As always, I want to do ee sagas while I’m leveling, so I have the sagas done when I hit cap, and can eTR again.

Champions were added to the game in U24 and there has been a lot of discussion about them. At first, a lot of ppl thought the champions were too many and that they were doing too much damage, which I agreed with to some extent. I thought they were too many, because I thought they were supposed to be rare.. and I thought some of them were doing too much damage, because they were hitting harder than the toughest bosses we have. Then the champions were “nerfed”; the numbers were reduced, and their damage lowered. And ppl were complaining again, that now the champions weren’t noticeable enough.

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It’s all red!

I left my Cerge in Amrath yesterday when switching to Firetha. Today I logged into run Amrath on Cerge… and this is what it looked like.

This wasn’t just a camera glitch, the redness stayed with me till I switched zone/ teleported out of there.

That’s all folks, thank you for stopping by.


Trying out the U24 quests

I didn’t run the U24 (see U24 release notes here) quests on the day of release, mostly because I just didn’t have a toon at the right level that I wanted to run, and I wanted to focus on the stuff I was doing. After I finished flagging for Shroud on Maidae on Sunday, I suggested to the group that we run the new chain, heroic elite (me and 2 other lvl 18’s). A wizard joined us on the lfm. I don’t think any of us knew the quests, or what to expect. We started with Palace of Stone.

Of the chain, this quest wasn’t that bad. We died some in the traps, we died some from some rocks, but we got through it. The DM was pretty annoying, though, and I might turn off the DM sound if I run this quest a lot.

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Cerge LR before and after

As I wrote in the previous blog, I messed up Cerge a little, so I decided to use the LR+0 heart I had in my TR bank to fix him. Doing so I also changed his looks a little. Here’s the before and after.

Cerge before LR                                                  Cerge after LR

This was just a post for my pics collection, lol.

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Cerge 5.1

Not too long ago I TR’d Cerge into my build I posted here. I as always spent 3 days on the build, and I posted it on both ddo forums and the vault for feedback. I was happy with the build plan… until I TR’d and leveled up to 15. Reaching 15, I realized you need 8 levels of fighter to get One with the Blade from the Kensei tree (technically it’s the prereq feat Greater Weapon Focus that requires 8 levels), so with my build plan I would not be able to use centered kensei until level 20. Ok, since ninja spy enhancements allow me to use shortswords I just used those until level 20, and at 20 reset my enhancements for heavy blades… only to realize the only weapon I can use with heavy blades focus is longswords.  Rapiers, daggers and shortswords are light blades.

So, I’m thinking I’ll just reset my enhancements again and go light blades… but then erdrique points out to me that light blades are piercing weapons and not slashing… and I have 4 feats focused on slashing weapons. Meh. No wonder his dps was poop up until 20. So, back to the drawing board, and I’ll have to do an LR. I haven’t done more with the build than change the feats and kensei enhancements, but here’s the new plan:

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 04.20.02
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Level 28 Lawful Good Morninglord Male
(8 Fighter \ 3 Monk \ 9 Cleric \ 8 Epic) 
Hit Points: 408
Spell Points: 456 
BAB: 16\16\21\26\26
Fortitude: 19
Reflex: 12
Will: 13

                  Starting          Feat/Enhancement
Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
(36 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 28)
Strength             16                    28
Dexterity            14                    19
Constitution         14                    19
Intelligence         10                    13
Wisdom               10                    15
Charisma             15                    20

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Another hiccup concerning Cerge

So, Cerge is a cleric fighter (9 cleric/ 8 fighter/ 3 monk) this life. I wanted to do a dual wielding blades build, and got some help from a friend to create one (see the result here) . The idea was to focus on heavy blades… but after TR’ing and leveling up to 15, I realised that I need 8 fighter levels to get One with the Blade that keeps you centered with non monk weapons. I would have 8 levels at level 20, so until then I’d have to use some other weapon. As I am slashing weapons focused, and ninja spy enhancements allow you to use short swords, I decided to use short swords until level 20.

Well, Cerge just got to 20, I reset his kensei enhancements and chose heavy blades… only to realise that rapiers are not heavy blades but light, and that scimitars that are on the heavy blades list still uncenter me. So, if I stay with heavy blades, the only type of weapon I’ll be able to use will be longswords. My plan was to use balizarde as soon as I have the levels for it, but balizarde is a rapier. I think I will just have to change back to light blades and use rapiers and shortswords. Light blades gives me more options than heavy blades does, especially since I’m a dual wielder.

Thank’s all folks. Thank you for stopping by.

P.S. Bug report submitted about kensei heavy blades uncentering with scimitars.