Raiding again

I have written many blogs about raid night.. and here it is again. Osi doesn’t play ddo a whole lot anymore, he still manages out guild ship mostly, so he might log to put stuff on shard ah, check his mail and buy buffs for the guild. And then he logs to raid with me on Saturday night.

This Saturday I went for a swim at the local pool, cleaned at home and took care of the degus… then I poured myself a glass of wine and watched some TV, before logging on to raid with Osi. I’m again trying to give up coffee, so having not slept enough, add wine, and I was starting to feel tired after a few raids.

Lately I let Osi decide what raids we run, he usually checks the lfm that we’re not lfm’ing for the same as someone else. He told me to post for VoN.


We started as a duo, and ppl started slowly hitting the lfm. The raid was progressing smoothly as always, and we didn’t need to wait too much for anyone. This is how I like to run this raid, I tell ppl when I need them north, else ppl pretty much know where to go to help speed things up. I usually do voice and ring, and Osi (he was running Soby this time) the puzzle.  We’ve been doing eH/ eH, for xp and a fast completion. Osi usually puts Firetha on air in VoN6, and this time I critted a few times against the djinn, so he was over prepped when person 2 got to the base and died right away. No prob, the other bases were ready, and pillars got down asap.

eH CitW after VoN. This raid isn’t that popular anymore, but I don’t think we’ve ever gotten to the end without a full party. Ppl start hitting the lfm as we’re fighting the legs, or are about to. I haven’t fallen off during the legs fight in a long time, but this time I fell twice. I got a bit annoyed with Osi when he put up a shrine outside the 1st opt and didn’t say anything, so me and someone else missed the shrine (normally we shrine while Ana is doing the 1st orb). In the end fight ppl were not quite listening, I said “keep xxx”… and ppl did not. The necro died too. But no worries, we got two portal keepers prepped and Ana went through on first try.


We did an eH FoT after CitW, but that one I forgot to screenshot. Confused giant died before the dragon and we had to reprep both of them, and then the TO group got the boom virus and 3 ppl died, but currently most ppl have good enough toons and gear to handle a bit of boom. I did tell them to spread out til the virus goes away, though, since if you don’t, you will just keep infecting each other… i.e. spread the boom back and forth. Ppl listened, spread out for a little while and boom went away. We finished the raid without problems. Someone got the boots, but they were not put up for roll.

EE Chronoscope is a raid we also always do. I find it the most boring one in the group. So boring, I usually get really sleeping during. So, I try to entertain myself by letting the others do the main objectives, while I focus on optionals. The loot they give is heroic, so crap, but they do give some additional xp. This time, though, things did not go so well for me. Someone zerged to alert, which meant I was unable to invis, got surrounded by mobs, slowed and could not get away. I killed a few before I died. Osi came and got me, and I gave up on opts and followed to the bank. Chrono is just 3 beat downs with a bit of trash. The guy in the bank, the guy in the steam tunnels and the end boss. I often put my toon on auto attack during end boss fight.

It wasn’t that late yet.. I think it was before 11pm. Normally I run with Osi til he logs, then post for the raids he didn’t want to run, like Deathwyrm. But tonight I was feeling so tired, that I felt like piking ADQ, the last raid we did. Osi suggested we do EE/ EE. I did octo and scorpio by myself, didn’t want to do monkey, so headed for bat. I zerged to the door, but there was so many mephits. I am sure I got some down before they were too much for me. I got up and got back too it, ran into the room and locked Osi outside of it. I decided to have him help a bit, though, and brought the mobs close to the door, so he could implode them.

Our ADQs are max 6, as Osi finds this raid too easy with too many ppl. We didn’t get a whole lot of joiners, though, and ran it 4 man. I was feeling really sleepy and unfocused and died a few times. My toon feels quite sturdy and can tank the queen on eE (I mean, she doesn’t die in 1-2 hits, but can take a beating) for a little while… but the problem is that I heal too slow, so if she starts beating on me too hard, I have to jump away so I can heal. I died in the pre, and I died a few times in the raid when she aggro’d on me. She has random aggro when she comes down, but after that you can pull her. I was surprised that she a few times turned to me, even though Osi was tanking her, and the other wizard was a caster, often pulling her aggro.


After ADQ I logged off, as I was too sleepy to play.

That’s all folks. I’ve added OnMouseOver (title) for picture info.

Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day.

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