Thaz eTR 3

I was going through sagas on Thaz and gaining xp faster than I wanted… I capped way before I was done with the sagas… or sort of. I had run the 3 Eveningstar chains (CitW flagging ones), Druid’s chain, The High Road, Gianthold, Web of Chaos… and Wheloon. EE of course. I was only missing Storms Horns. I do, though, prefer to run chains all in one go.. and I still consider Storms Horns to be the most difficult chain included in the sagas, so I kept feeling like there wasn’t enough time, like I didn’t have the patience to wait for a group, and that I had other things I needed to do. Finally last night I managed to get Storms Horns finished as well, and then I did Thaz’s 3rd eTR. 3rd stack of Power Over Life and Death. As a divine healer caster, I felt like that one benefits me the most of the divine ones.

I am still following this build plan (for enhancements, see the link at the end), except I keep changing the skills a little. I always do spellcraft, heal and UMD, but in one build I was putting the rest in perform, in one in diplomacy… this time I decided to go back to concentration, as I still find that having some is still better than having none… even though it’s impossible to get it high enough for scrolls to not fail on hit in EE’s.

Anywho, as always, I take a before and after picture. Thaz has had the same hair style since I did the greater reincarnation back at the start of 2012.. and has been blond with blue eyes for the most of it. Ex co-worker said that Thaz kinda looks like me, lol. I guess my sub c was trying to make her look like an elf version of me, lol. Last eTR I did give her purple hair and greenish skin, this time around I went back to her normal style.. except I decided to give her very natural looking lips, with no gloss or lipstick.

Here are the pics:

Thaz before eTR,                                                     Thaz after eTR

🙂 That’s all folks. Ty for stopping by and have a great day.


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