So, we’re half way through November…

On October 29th we packed all my stuff + the degus in a moving car and I said goodbye to Finland. October 30th we got to my new place and the next 3.5 days I spent on buying Ikea furniture, assembling Ikea furniture (that’s the typical for Ikea, everything is in parts), unpacking and sorting. November 3 I started my new job and right away had less time for unpacking and sorting. Today I finally had all my things unpacked and put somewhere. I still need to take the cardboard to the recyling place… then I’m mostly done. I might put up a poster or two.

It has been stressful. Long work days, lots to do at home… ddo hasn’t been a priority. As soon as I got my computer table sorted and my computer, screen, mouse and keyboard unpacked I started playing ddo again, but with so much to do around the home, my inspiration has been rather low, and I’ve mostly been doing mod and some favor runs… and some xp on Firetha (working on her EDs). But apparently I did run Thaz some this month as well.

Here are some screenies I found of Thaz runs.

Thaz did ee Wheloon, here in A lesson in desception.

Thrill of the hunt.

Army of Shadow

Through a Mirror Darkly

And somehow I ended up in Matrix’s ee FoT. I meant to send Storms a tell, but hit join… and decided to stay. It was almost like fun, lol.

Alright, I’m tired, and this blog was lacking intelligence, so I better stop now.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

P.S. I plan to eTR Thaz again when she’s done her 40th mod and I’ve finished Storms Horns chain.


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