Goodbye Andybot

I participated in the Mabar event for the first time October-November 2012. At first the event didn’t interest me a whole lot, but then I got really into it and spent a lot of time there (search for mabar on my blog to see the posts I wrote about it). I was doing some runs with my friend Andy (the nickname I gave him), and he told me to make a vet 2 1 wizard/ 6 cleric mabarbot to use to farm motes. He ended up nagging so much, that I gave in lol. As payback I named the toon Andybot (see my post about it here). I really wasn’t a big fan of Andybot. I think I only ran him until the dragon chamber opened, and for one opening. Then I switched to Maidae, who I believe was a lvl 20 monk at the time. I learned that running a higher level toon would give you more motes than a lower level one, as for the higher level toons you’d get more bones (which give you the most motes), while the lower level toons get more opals (the least amount of motes).

Anywho, now, 2 years later, I’ve never played this toon, and I’ve kept him as a bank toon. I’ve never done favor runs on him or anything, so I decided to turn a couple of iconics into bank toons, and delete Andybot and Mosylicious, who was another never played vet 2.

Bye bye Andybot.


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